Flyway Film Fest Dispatch #2: Director Jay Cheel



Most everyone reading this site already knows Jay Cheel from FilmJunk and The Documentary Blog. Mr. Cheel is here at Flyway to show his short Cooking with Gerry before Gary King’s feature Death of the Dead. The film played wonderfully in front of an audience and both Jay and Gerry (despite his absence) became an instant star and talk of the town literally overnight.

This particular podcast is brought to you courtesy of alcohol and sleeplessness and a test on our new recording device. Thanks to Jay for indulging us and just going on about how poutine should be prepared properly and the lack of its availability in the ignorant United States.

Watch this episode of Cooking with Gerry right here under the seats as well as a link to the original Cooking with Gerry of twenty years ago…

original Cooking with Gerry


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That bit, particularly, the Lynchian ending never gets old! Kudos Reed for being such a good sport as Jay edits in your disfavour for our entertainment pleasures.

Matt Gamble

Yeah, the film totally killed when it played. Multiple people said it was the funniest short they've ever seen. On top of that, our friend Xan Aranda whisked the film off to Chicago to play in her Short Film Brigade Finale tonight where it once again killed.

The Reed Revolution has started.


Just FYI Jay said it was done last year, but this short was made and released only in June of this year so its not really old at all.


Dont really know why I had to bring that up xP lol

Reed Farrington

Great to hear that Cheel's short film was so well-received.

I wonder if I could become to Cheel what DeNiro is to Scorsese. 🙂

Mike Rot

or Clint Howard to Jay's Ron.

Reed Farrington

I just listened to the audio interview with Jay. I was highly amused.

Wisconsin should get together with Idaho, which I assume is the potato state, or if a North American crossover is desired, perhaps Prince Edward Island, to promote poutine. And if there's a gravy state, I guess it could get involved, too.

@Mike Rot: Ha ha. I'd love to be Clint Howard. He got to be in an episode of Star Trek! Coincidentally, I saw Clint the other day, not in person, but in a recent obscure movie called "Super Capers."


This never gets old.