Cinecast Episode 187 – Stop Putting Wings on Paul Bettany!

Are we silly enough to talk about the use of 3D in Jackass 3D whilst watching it in 2D? Yes we are. Indulge us, as we do not spend that much time on it, but hey, this franchise gets crapped on more than it deserves and the boys are creative and energetically subversive enough in their stunt-ery to be worthy of some consideration. And despite what the haters think, it is still funny. We rehash some of the finer details of Knoxville and company over the past decade before switching gears to a second opinion on the seniors-on-a-mission mayhem from Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and John Malkovich in Red. This leads to a bit of a tangent on all the ‘on-a-mission’ movies released this summer. Meanwhile, Andrew has been managing to keep up with his one-a-day DVD viewings and this week plugs another hole in the Polanski oeuvre with a quite violent take on a Shakespearean classic. Furthermore, the question of why are there not more caveman movies is uttered aloud after we look back at 1981’s Quest for Fire and also the pretty darn swell filmography of Frenchman Jean-Jacques Annaud. Another round of Nolan’s Batman pictures vs. Ang Lee’s Hulk, and the joy of surround sound screenings are all tossed into the conversational mixer. It is a good week for classic and contemporary DVDs and Blurays too. They are considered. If the title (or the truncated runtime of this episode makes little sense to you, that is because some seasonal gremlins ate a discussion on some of the remaining films to be released. Suffice it to say that the segment was out-of-this-world awesome now that it has been sacrificed to the binary demons and no one can hear it, but we are both surprisingly anticipating the Angelina Jolie / Johnny Depp ‘Charade-esque‘ thriller The Tourist amongst other things. Enjoy this exceedingly rare ‘short version’ of the RowThree cinecast!

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Movie Club Podcast
Flyway Film Fest preview

Jackass 2D (IMDb)


Batman Begins (IMDb)
Solitary Confinement (Netflix)
Quest for Fire (IMDb)
The Losers (IMDb)
A Perfect World (IMDb)
Macbeth (IMDb)


Moulin Rouge!
[Blu-ray] (IMDb)


(Kurt’s review)


Romeo & Juliet
[Blu-ray] (IMDb)


Apocalypse Now
(Three-Disc Full Disclosure Edition)
[Blu-ray] (IMDb)

Psycho (50th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] Seven Samurai (Criterion) [Blu-ray] The Rocky Horror Picture Show (35th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray] Night of the Demons [Blu-ray] Please Give
The California Kid
[Blu-ray] Frankenstein Girl Vs. Vampire Girl
Dolph Lundgren is The Killing Machine!
Theatre of War Set
Until the Light Takes Us
(black metal doc.)

What’s Up Lovely (review)

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  1. Forgot to talk about GIALLO on the show, apparently Adrian Brody is suing the producers into not releasing the movie until he gets the several hundred thousand dollars that they owe him for starring in the apparent (but not surprising) Argento-Dud.

  2. Batman Begins is is awesome until Bruce Wayne puts on the Batman costume. My favorite are the Asia parts ( the ice fight is awesome).

    Christopher Nolan is a great film director, but he can't film action sequences. Even in Inception — except for the short-live g zero sequences — the action sequences are pretty average.

    I rather see Nolan on the 1-15 million budget range the 30-60 million or bockbuster range. As good as the The Prestige, Batman films, and Inception are, they don't handle to Memento or Following. Basically, I want Nolan to be more experimental ( it was he is best at).

    Speaking of Roman Polanski, Knife in the Water is an extraordinary film debut. That film has age pretty, darn well.

    Kurt, have you seen any other films that star the lead (Bulscu?) from Kontroll.

  3. Polanski's Macbeth was a mandatory watch for Grade 10 English at my high school in Mississauga. That being said I want to revisit the film because I don't remember any of it asides the scene with the dagger, Macbeth's decapitation and the horde of old naked witches.

  4. Don't be too sure that Netflix and online streaming is the future:

    I stay to my original belief, with the ensuing energy crisis and just how much energy is required to run the internet, large energy users like Netflix will go under, and if you have purchased films that are sitting on a hard drive in one of these defunct companies you will have wished you had a hard copy in its place.

  5. Netflix Canada is doing a monthlong free access, just downloaded the application for the Wii last night, which streams into my home theatre set-up, LJ & The Kids are ecstatic about the ease of use and for their viewing purposes, the selection is fine (at least during this novelty phase).

    Yea, it's slick, and looks great on the 100" screen.

  6. Yep, I got it going on the Wii as well Kurt. Very easy and I'm pretty happy as well. They do need to allow the ability to add to a queue and I'm looking forward to a wider selection (it seems like a very random mix of straight to DVD releases with some mainstream and some obscure). One issue is I've come across a couple of "Full Screen" versions of films ("Kung Fu Hustle" was one example – and it's 2.35:1!) which is pretty baffling given what most people have at home these days. We'll see if they fix that going forward.

  7. Now that I am without cable, and the price is right I will probably try Netflix out too, I am just waiting for them to work without the need of a gamebox, but via the tv directly. It will never replace my dvd collection or even cut down on my buying, I think like Jay had said, I would use it mostly for those films in the cracks that I am not quite interested enough in to buy… like Paranormal Activity or Frozen, that sort of thing.

  8. interesting that you mentioned Roman Polanski & Wes Anderson, Polanski is like the violent-drama cinema version of Wes, his films get better with multiple viewings, I don't love both, stuff like Repulsion & Darjeeling Limited suddenly get good on a 2nd watch, and its great to go back to the characters in Chinatown/Life Aquatic. (my mac is lagging, will give u my thoughts on Red ect. and Revolucion which I saw last night on the flipside)

  9. Netflix website says without asteriks: watch as many movies as you want for only $7.99/month. If Jay is right about limits on what you stream, that seems like blatant false advertising.

    I did a bunch of searches to see what they have and virtually everything came up up not available:


    The House of the Devil

    Wendy and Lucy!!!

    Party Down


    will wait until there actually is a selection to browse.

    • Jay is talking about caps on his ISP. It has nothing to do with Netflix. It all really comes down to the fact that Canada sucks. You can have "free" healthcare or unlimited Netflix. No contest in my book.

  10. It's just the selection we don't have yet. Yet. So yeah, free healthcare AND unlimited NetFlix. You so wish you were us.

    Of course, if you're going to have poutine (and poutine done right), you kinda need the free healthcare. It's not good poutine unless you feel chest pains afterwards.

    We were watching a family movie the other night with my son and his friend and we supplemented it with a few opening cartoons from the Pink Panther Collection on NetFlix – 124 of those classic Fritz Freleng directed shorts with that completely awesome music just sitting there to watch anytime. I suppose I should have already owned that DVD set, but since I don't it's perfect. Even with the limited selection, I'm happy at $8 a month. Until I've watched everything I want that is…

    The ISP limits are a worry, so I'll have to do a cost/benefit analysis at some point. I haven't taxed NetFlix at all yet – they only have a couple of horror films I'm interested in that I haven't seen before, so maybe in November I'll start pushing it a bit more.

  11. They do not have ANY Noah Baumbach films. Aside from not having my favorite film of the year, you don't even have The Squid and the Whale?!

    Strangely enough, when I searched 'Michelle Williams' films they do have one of hers, Mammoth. Netflixers, watch the shit out of that great great movie.

  12. When the service is FREE, it is better not to focus on what they don't have, but all the movies you may have missed but wanted to see for one reason or another, that they do have!

  13. Instant Watch is much less useful as an "I want to watch this let's see if they have it" service and much more useful as an "I want to watch something what's available" service. I routinely cap out my 500-limit queue with stuff I want to see – I know the Canadian selection is less broad right now than the US selection, but surely there's some stuff you've missed and want to catch up with.

  14. the way I understand it, for Canadians there is no other service than the streaming (no discs). Granted its $8 so I guess thats why we can shrug it off so easily. Its a strange selection process, they have Nights and Weekends and Mammoth but not the more mainstream stuff.

  15. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Helen Mirren poured scorn on her sex-symbol image. "We have to let go of this crap," she insisted. "It creates even more pressure on women and I certainly don't want to be a part of that … I'm not beautiful. I clean up nice … [But] the fact that I look good at the age I am is bloody irrelevant."


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