Stunning Set of International Black Swan Posters

Darren Aronofsky’s dark ballerina tale Black Swan has been getting rave reviews on its initial festival screenings (review), which should put it in good stead for its December 1st theatrical release, not to mention prime buzz position in this year’s Oscar season. And today we find new international posters for the film that are among the most stunning artwork I’ve seen in recent years – all sharp edges and bright reds, blacks and whites, giving a good idea of the jagged and intense experience that the film promises. They look straight out of Russian propaganda or European art deco design, and as if I wasn’t already stoked enough to see the film, now I’m exactly 4x more excited.

The other three posters are tucked under the seats.

Hat tip Screenrant.

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Man, why does Europe get better, film posters than the USA? These are simply stunning! At, or above, Criterion level.