More than just ads. VIFF 2010 takes marketing to the next level

VIFF 2010 Banner

Every year I take great joy in sharing with our readers a slice of what we VIFF attendees get to enjoy for two weeks in the form of festival trailers. Though the trailers are always fantastic (have a taste with 2008s attendee reels and 2009s batch of odd yet very real movie moments) the complaints are always the same, especially from folks that see a lot of films: there aren’t enough of them and we have to see the same one over and over again!

Not this year.

Oh no. Always ones to push the envelope, VIFF is going all out this year. The folks at TBWA who are behind the great material from the previous years, decided that they were going to do things a little differently this year by creating their own short film. Titled The Warden, the film has been divided into 16 parts and each part will play during one day of the festival. At the end of the fest, attendees will have seen one full short film. Convinced that festival audiences are smart cookies, TBWA has also revealed that the parts will not be shown in order and the first scene, which is already online, is actually the closing scene of the film.

So what happens if you miss a day or two? You can catch up. The instalments will be available for viewing at

Now, I can’t tell you what the short is about because I don’t know but if the first clip is any indication, it’s not going to be a laughing matter.