TIFF Winner, “The King’s Speech” Gets a Fancy Trailer

Until about five minutes ago, all I knew about The King’s Speech was that it won the people’s choice award at The Toronto International Film Festival this year and it stars Mr. Colin Firth completely kicking ass (per usual). Now with this trailer being released I see that Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush, Timothy Spall, Guy Pearce and Michael Gambon are also involved. Good heavens does this scream amazing or what?

As someone who majored in Speech Therapy in college, the plot of the film further intrigues me as it seems to be focusing on the King of England’s inability to speak properly due to a fairly sever stutter. With war on the horizon the King must speak for a nation. But for someone who stutters… not the easiest task. In what looks to be a pretty dramatic story but carried out in an almost playful manner, I have no doubt these actors are going to pull off something special here.

Early Oscar predictions are already buzzing all about this picture. Which isn’t all that surprising consider director Tom Hooper already has loads of award nominations under his belt for the excellent television mini-seires John Adams and the much fawned over, The Damned United. Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think. At the very least, it’s shot wonderfully.


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I smell a second Oscar nom for Colin Firth!


Yea. What Marina Said. These are the types of films that sweep awards, even if they are probably not the best films of the year. Good to see HBC back in period garb without white face paint though. And SPALL, RUSH, GAMBON, JACOBI and PEARCE? Either way, it sounds like a fun bunch to watch.