Flyway Film Festival Podcast [LIVE TONIGHT]

Heads up podcast lovers; with everyone talking endlessly about TIFF and VIFF around here, let’s not forget the smaller guys!

Our regular Cinecast co-host Matt Gamble is hosting a live podcast tonight featuring some great indie filmmakers including Bill Elverman (The Wintress), Gregory Kallenberg (Haynesville) and one of our “local” favorites, Gary King (What’s Up Lovely).

They’ll talk about some of the action that will be happening at this year’s 2nd annual Flyway Film Festival including some schedule announcements, film highlights and activities/gatherings taking place. Beyond that, there will definitely be some talk on the indie filmmaking scene straight from the horse’s mouths so to speak. Looks like there will be some good ol’ fashioned movie banter happening as well.

As mentioned, the show will be live, so feel free to call in when prompted and ask questions or make comments. The call in number is (347) 857-3783 and the whole thing gets underway at 7pm (I am guessing that is 8pm EST?).

Head over to the main podcast page for all of the details:


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Matt Gamble

Xan Aranda and Jay Cheel might also be stopping by to join in on the fun.