Mamo #175: Previewing TIFF 2010

The Toronto International Film Festival 2010 is just around the corner! Join Matt Brown and Matt Price, hosts of Mamo!, as we take a tour through Toronto’s date with the movies. What’s good? What’s bad? What’s up with the Lightbox? We’ll be your guides to TIFF 2010…

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This is a wonderful preview of all things TIFF. You guys are spot on in that the line-up is magnificently deep this year. Should be a wonderful festival, (despite all the quality cinema I'll likely end up missing – there is no way I could do 65 films in the Matty Brown 6-a-day fashion!

I'll be seeing that Vince Gallo film, (Essential Killing), so I'll let you know if it is a 'glacially paced' as you guys dread.

In terms of TIFF Programmers, I'll certainly second Colin Geddes, I think the genre stuff he picks outside of Midnight Appeals to me even more than the Midnight section (oddball flicks like My Dog Tulip or Bad Lieutenant II or Ex Drummer for instance). A Programmer you failed to mention, that consistently picks quality stuff is Steve Gravestock. May it is my own bias towards Scandanavian cinema, but I find Gravestock has a good eye for interesting drama and absurdist comedy.

I'm hoping to buy a single ticket to the Finnish Santa-Picture, Rare Exports, so fingers cross that that one doesn't sell out in the draw.


only halfway through listening but had to add something.

the one line that stood out for me from the 'book' was for a film called 'Half of Oscar': "Oscar works as a security guard at a semi-abandoned salt mine. His lonely days consist of riding his bike to work, putting on his uniform and his gun and contemplating the mountains of salt."

any movie that consists of contemplating mountains of salt I will pass on.


Rot, call it THE BROWN BUNNY effect?

Mike Rot

Had I more tickets I would have seen Essential Killing, Gallo could pull off a non-speaking role, his face is enough to capture interest.