Olivier Assayas: Between Love & Terror

Sorry for the local push here, but this is kind of neat. If you’re in the Minneapolis area and are interested in a little something different for your cinematic thirst quenching throughout October, head over to The Walker and check out their marathon of Olivier Assayas: Between Love & Terror

Olivier Assayas has brought his seemingly effortless virtuosity to an extremely diverse range of more than 20 films. This daring filmmaker pioneered the globalist thriller genre, but catches many viewers by surprise with his quieter dramas. The core of his work is a celebration of everyday life’s intimate moments—a legacy of the French New Wave. His most recent work, Carlos, stormed this year’s Cannes film festival with yet another foray into new realms: a five-hour take on the life of Carlos “the Jackal;” a Venezuelan Marxist revolutionary who terrorized Europe in the 1970s, setting the stage for today’s international terror network. That film receives its Minneapolis premiere at the Walker as part of Assayas’ Regis Dialogue and Retrospective.

10-01: Irma Vep
10-02: Late August, Early September
10-08: Les destinées
10-09: Cold Water & demonlover
10-15: Summer Hours
10-20: Regis Dialogue w/ Olivier Assayas & Kent Jones
10-21: Eldorado/Preljocaj
10-23: Clean & Boarding Gate
10-28: A Portrait of Hou Hsiao-Hsien
10-31: Carlos

Now I’ve only seen a small handfull of Assayas’ work but I’ve mostly enjoyed the ones I have seen and even those I’ve not liked so much I still appreciated for what they were. So I’m more than intrigued in checking out his latest work: “The Bourne Identity with more substance, or Munich with more of a pulse.”

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Kurt Halfyard

One of my favourite french filmmakers. I wholeheartedly recommend (and have talked extensively in the Cinecast back episodes) IRMA VEP, SUMMER HOURS, BOARDING GATE and demonlover. CLEAN is solid too.

Jandy Hardesty

I just watched Irma Vep for the first time a couple of weeks ago. One of those that I feel will be with me and rewatched often for a long while. I haven't seen any of his other films, though. Need to get on it.