Trailer: Enter The Void

We have talked about it at length in these parts. Three of the regulars (Kurt & the Mamo! Matts) think it was the cinematic highlight of 2009 on the festival circuit and it is coming to a few select screens in 2010 courtesy of IFC. Do what ever you can to catch Gaspar Noe’s hallucinogen (Warning: photosensitive epileptics beware!) on as big of a screen possible. Kurt reviewed the experience at TIFF. has the new North American Trailer and it is tucked under the seat!


  1. then it coems to film, i take the opinion of Michael Phillips, then Roger Ebert then usually Peter Travers followed by Kurt & Jay Cheel, but this film is seriously overrated by you Kurt, i saw it just last week and would love to get into a debate, which post should we begin, it would help if i had any backers, i start pissing you off by saying that Gaspar Noe ties his film up in bows as much as Spielberg, yeah like A.I, Enter the Void was 20 minutes to long and admiraly overly-ambitious yet at the same time clogging out a cliche look at the many stages of life, this is one of the films i'd hardly compare the film to, there are more comparable films around like other French Externity Cinema (Assayas, Carax) Strang Days, 2001 Space Odyssey.

    I hope after we have arguement you can still view my MIFF first-to-last list and respect my placing of Enter the Void in the bottom half and seek out the #1, Tetro.

    want the list, don't know what post to put that on without it standing out, if everybody on rowthree sees the list you can ask me about all the films i list, half of which will play at TIFF i predict.

  2. Darcy, send it to me by email, and I'll see what I can do about posting or finding a place for it!

    We should get into this Enter The Void argument over Skype or at least email and see what comes of it.

  3. Also, Darcy, I'm rather insulted that I rank below Peter Travers. I mean, I'll take the opinion of lettuce or roof shingles over Peter Travers! Sheesh!

  4. Me & Trav wuld agree on best film of 1996, 1999, 2007, 2008, 2009 and best film of the 2000's if i'm not mistaken.

    would take you're opinion over anybody in podcasting bar Mark Kermode, but Enter the Void, seriously top ten of the 2000's, you need to revisit it, i don't its TOO fresh in my mind.

  5. people who take acid should have two warnings for this film, he only trips for the first 20 minutes and you could easily get a seizure from this film, MIFF did'nt put a warning on this film, as they did with Killer Inside Me, L.A Zombie ect.


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