Cinecast Episode 176 – Planes, Trains and Lobotimobiles

A casual show today. We have a new guest, Laura-Jane, for regular listeners of the show that would be Kurt’s wife who digs on all things popcorn and blow-em-up action cinema, who comes in to talk a little Salt and a little Knight and Day (Note that there are SPOILERS! for both). Andrew tries to pin down the near-universal love for The Kids Are All Right. We talk some off-the-beaten path Japanese cinema, with the soon-to-be-Criterioned Hausu as well as stop-motion-animator Kihachiro Kawamoto and his wonderfully dark fairy tales. There is quite a bit of a Tom Hardy love-in, as Andrew finally caught up with Nicholas Winding Refn’s Bronson and, complete with an ignorant viewpoint on Reaganomics, there is some Louie Malle documentary talk, albeit we cannot agree how to pronounce his name. And another round of Dirty Harry sequels. Sit back and relax, this one is tres informelle.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Shensadi Film Festival:
Kakera: A Piece of Our Life
– Kihachiro Kawamoto retrospective
God’s Country
The Girlfriend Experience
The Enforcer

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


The Prowler

The Art of the Steal

Don’t Look Up

Clash of the Titans
Repo Men
Operation: End Game

Rambo (Collector’s set) [Blu-ray] Johnny Handsome [Blu-ray] Secret of the Grain (Criterion Collection)

LJ’s fav’s of 2010/action pictures/stunts
analyzing Rotten Tomatoes
Charles Bronson Mandom commercials
Come Drink with Me

I Am Love

Kurosawa’s Ran

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John O'Neil

Andrew, I think I understood how you were trying to describe "The Kids Are All Right," but I find "American Beauty" and "Little Children" to be pretty terrible comparisons (which I think you acknowledged shortly after making them).

I find very little of "The Kids Are All Right" satirical. Sure, it may share the suburban setting of those two movies, but the tone is completely different. It's more of a light drama featuring a talented ensemble of both veteran actors (Moore, Ruffalo) and promising newcomers (Wasikowska, Hutcherson).

While the film is sentimental in spots (particularly in some of its final scenes), I never found it overly manipulative. Like you said, this film isn't some bland tearjerker that's going to appeal to a mainstream crowd. Plus, the numerous sex scenes (and some of the more racy humor ) will turn off many older viewers.

Bob Turnbull

Not to make you feel bad Andrew, but "House" actually played in Minneapolis last year shortly after I put up my first post about it. Matt actually mentioned in the comments to that post that it was playing that very weekend – I know it usually makes sense to tune Gamble out, but not that time…B-)

It was great to see it again especially in a crowd and with 6-7 friends who appreciated the absolute absurdity of it.

Oh, and Kurt is correct in the pronounciation of Louis Malle's name. That Eclipse set of his docs is great – I'll be curious what you think of the others.


Guys, a favour. Any chance you could make the mp3 links directly downloadable? So people can right-click them and 'save as' on their player. It's a hassle to use a downloader. I'm sure a lot of people don't. Just an idea. thanks. Appreciate the work you guys put into this. And have you watched 'Cooking with Reed' over at Filmjunk yet? It's hilarious.

Matt Gamble

Not to make you feel bad Andrew, but “House” actually played in Minneapolis last year shortly after I put up my first post about it. Matt actually mentioned in the comments to that post that it was playing that very weekend

I also talked about it on the Cinecast when I went to watch it.

Jim the Movie Freak

I totally agree with your take on "Kids are Alright" Andrew. I walked in hoping for another "You Can Count On Me" because I remember how many critical raves that movie was getting. It worked much better as an awkward sex comedy, than it did during its melodramatic moments & monologues. Although the Joni Mitchell scene was grrrrreat.

And the adults steal the show. The kids literally were, just, all right in their performances. I definitely really liked the movie, but didn't think it was a four-star masterpiece either. It's a great showcase for acting, but I think some of the dialogue felt stilted & cheesy. I liked "Please Give" a LOT more. I think some of my favorite films of the year like "Greenberg" & "Cyrus" are a bit better at mixing the dramatic with the comedic.


Hey Andrew, what is the background music this episode? Maybe you listed it but I just don't see it for some reason…