Mamo #173: A Fresh Pen to the Eye

Comic Con. Lately, the two greatest words in the geek dictionary. At panel after panel celebrities frenzy crowds with tales of that-which-is-yet-to-come. Even Angelina Jolie went there. And so did we, the brave boys of Mamo. Listen as we wax eloquent on Whedon, Marvel, and all things we look forward to in this latest mamo installment.

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Kurt Halfyard

You guys missed a segue moment in the show! It was Kurt Wimmer who wrote and directed "ULTRAVIOLET" and he also wrote SALT.

I actually don't hate ULTRAVIOLET, I think as trash, it is pretty glorious trash, same as a lot of those Robert Rodriguez films.


I watched one of the Resident Evil films, the Las Vegas one and didn't mind it, and it made me want to seek out other Milla trash films, is the Vegas one the best of the bunch?


The Vegas (#3) one is easily the best of the bunch, and this is probably because it was directed by Russell Mulcahay and not P.W.S. Anderson. There is a sense of glorious trash in that one. It's got ZOMBIE CROWS fer chrissakes! That is the only one for me that is in any way watchable. In all fairness, I skipped #2 and plan on skipping #4.

Matt Brown

I'd say that's about right, the only thing #2 had going for it was blowing up Nathan Phillips Square, and I can't remember a frame of the first one so who freakin' knows.

Kurt, I bow to your kung fu, I never would have connected Ultraviolet with Salt in a million years.

Matthew Fabb

Early on in the podcast there's mention that there's yet to be a good video game movie adaption. The translation from game to movie is hard to do, and yet Scott Pilgrim in a way is the ultimate video game movie, without being based on any one game. Wright based on O'Malley's material has managed to successfully blend in video game elements that would seem cheesy elsewhere. Put some of these battles into a live action Street Fight movie and they would seem cheesy, but they work perfectly in Scott Pilgrim. Wright's also made an incredible comic book like movie with the editing and sound effects, succeeding in ways where Ang Lee failed with similar experiments in The Hulk.

Universal Studios has done an incredible job in promoting the movie to comic book fans, going all out at San Diego Comic Con. However, they need to still step up on aggressively targeting video gamers. As Wright mentioned in one interview, the theme music to Mario, Zelda, Sonic and other popular games are almost like lullabies to a generation. It taps into a powerful nostalgia, but not in a way of trying to relive the past but to use it to make the connection to something new.

I think Scott Pilgrim can be a decent sized cult hit ($60 million) but I think it could be a lot bigger if they get the millions (100 million Nintendo & Super Nintendo units were sold in the 80's and early 90's) who grew up off with video games to see this movie.

Either way, having seen Scott Pilgrim at a sneak preview earlier this week, it's one of those kinds of movies that a certain part of the audience will absolutely love it to pieces.