Review: Rampage

This review has been a week coming and I will start it off with what I have said to all the movie geeks that I have met. Rampage is a good movie and when I say that I am not qualifying it by saying it is good for a Uwe Boll movie. In the past I have argued with many people who complain about Boll’s movies without having seen them. I am fine if you want to say that House of the Dead is a bad movie after you have seen it but do not come to me with a big rant about how he just makes bad video game rip off movies unless you are willing to put the time in to watch them. I have seen a lot of Boll’s movies because I do no not want to be a hypocrite. I have not watched his past few movies. The last one I saw was Postal and just like Rampage I watched it because I had heard good things.

Rampage tells the tale of Bill Williamson (Brendon Fletcher) and his rampage against society. If you have seen Falling Down you know the basic idea. Disillusioned with everything a lone gunman takes up weapons and starts to take down society by shooting random people he sees on the street. To just call Rampage a clone or rip off of Falling Down does not do it justice and given the choice I’d rather watch Boll’s newest movie again over the Michael Douglas one.

I do not want to get too much into who he goes after or why but I do want to talk a bit about why I enjoyed Rampage. Boll has created a fairly compelling character with Bill. He comes across as the slacker who is still living at his parents (Matt Frewer and Linda Boyd) but is dealing with them wanting him to grow up and get a real job, move out or go to college. Bill on the other hand looks content to just hang out with his friend Evan (Shaun Sipos). Shaun is a bit of a revolutionary who posts videos and likes to talk about what is wrong with the world. Bill on the other hand seems more laid back. We see that Bill isn’t as laid back as he seems and that he has been saving his money and ordering weapons and body armour and having it shipped to Evan’s house. Evan has no idea what Bill is shipping but is told that Bill just doesn’t want his parents to know about it.

The first third to a half is Bill interacting with a few of the locals, Evan and his parents. The second part of the movie is the “rampage”. Bill strategically takes out the majority of the police with a surprise attack and then moves throughout the small town gunning people down. During this point the movie could have been felt very repetitive and could have just riffed on the same points that falling down does but the interactions between Bill and his victims are all interesting and take different twists.

The finale of the movie is Bill heading out of town to meet up with Evan who believes that they are going to have a paintball match. Much of Bill’s explanation for why he is doing what he is doing is given in hints throughout the movie and also with his showdown with his wanna be revolutionary friend.

The acting is good throughout the entire movie with my only minor beef of being Sipos who seems to be channeling a bit too much of Brad Pitt for my tastes. Fletcher is quite good and really keeps from going over the top with his portrayal which could have been very easy to do. The story overall has enough twists, turns and developments that I found myself glued to the screen.

I was not the biggest fan of Postal but with Rampage Boll has won me over. I will continue to take his movies one at a time and gauge whether or not I want to see it. Rampage really is a successful movie and one that I will continue to recommend to everyone. It is a tight well thought out movie with generally good acting and enough twists, humor and action to keep me enthralled with what is going on.

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Agreed. A very good film. In your face and doesn't pull the punches without being overly exploitive.

David Brook

Yep, I saw this a while ago and thought it was a decent movie. Some of the first half didn't work for me, the scenes with his friend grated a little, but they weren't bad in the way that trash like House of the Dead probably is (I've not seen it), I just found them a bit pretentious. However, the rampage itself is powerful, visceral stuff and I thought the final revelations worked well.

The film totally surprised me because I came in expecting straight to DVD trash, but this is a solid, well produced and original film, if a bit flawed.

Quiet Earth

I hate to say this as Uwe Boll can suck it, but this shit was brilliant.


Looking forward to checking this out – l liked both Tunnel Rats and Postal.