NEVER LET ME GO Trailer is Understated and Ominous


It has been far too long since Mark Romanek’s directorial debut, One Hour Photo. It has been eight years, in fact. After bailing on a lot of pre-production work in The Wolfman (which eventually flopped under jobber Joe Johnston) Romanek picked a whopper of a challenge for a follow up; a difficult to adapt Kazuo Ishiguro novel, Never Let Me Go. The book is one of the best books I have read in the past few years or so (along side Cormac McCarthy’s The Road). And Fox Searchlight and Co. have cast the film wonderfully: Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Charlotte Rampling, Sally Hawkins and Keira Knightley. The sumptuous (sunset and foliage) visuals can be seen instantly from the trailer that came online today at The tricky part, is how Romanek will manage the high amount naivete and drama and mystery; where the characters (in the novel, anyway) are ignorant of what is going on moreso than the audience. I recommend avoiding spoilers or any sort of plot synopsis for this film. Even the trailer is close to spoiling – VERY close (consider this is your fair warning.)

Nevertheless, along with Christopher Nolan’s Inception and Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life, this is one of my three most anticipated films of the year for me.

Trailer is tucked under the seat or at Apple in all shapes and sizes.

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Friggin hell. I saw a spoiler. THE spoiler. I guess I can go ahead and read the book now.


Jandy Hardesty

I read the book a few months ago, so I guess I don't really have to worry about spoilers, but I think I'm putting this on my "don't need to see any marketing to know I'm excited to see it" list anyway. It looks good though, huh, Kurt?


Looks kind of sappy melodramaish.


this is exactly how I pictured it, casted perfectly.


I just read the book this Spring (and I highly recommend it), so I too don't need to worry about spoilers for myself but it still makes me angry on the behalf of others who want to see the story unfold – kind of like having someone reveal the content of your gift before you open it. (I have been diligently boycotting anything about "Inception" since I saw the first teaser trailer.)

But a great cast and it looks beautiful, so am looking forward to the movie.

Shannon the Movie Mo

I seriously can't wait for this. I think the trailer is too spoilery, but I say that about so many trailers these days, but the book and story are so god that it's worth not knowing and letting it unfold.

Casting is perfect… tone is divine… October can't come soon enough!


I'm 60% through this book and I find it pretty hard to get through. It's not dramatic at all, none of the characters show any personality beyond the obvious and the writing is pretty monotonous. As a book I have alot of problems with it, but I think it's going to work much better as a movie, where you have actual people saying and doing these things, it has a way of making shit more meaningful. I will say though, that the book is extremely girly, and this movie looks like a major period-piece (not time period), yet it's all done by a bunch of males which is weird.

Having seen the trailer though, I now know alot about the ending of the book (at least it confirms the most obvious expectations, there's still time to fuck around with it in the book), and I'm not particularly impressed. I wished there was a drama in there somewhere, rather than your typical coming-of-age nonsense girl novel. I think An Education will be a more interesting movie (obvious comparison I think), since at least some of the people in that movie have personalities.


Casting Keira Knightley is cool though, glad to see she still gets offered parts like this one. Carey Mulligan is obviously a no-brainer for this.