Guy Maddin’s KEYHOLE


Way back in 2008, Guy Maddin offered a prelude peak in collaboration with collage artists at his new feature film, Keyhole. Apropos, considering the directors peculiar (and magnificent) style of filmmaking. Well, more details (thanks Marina and Monika!) have surfaced as the production heats up in Winnipeg, the key revelation is his wonderful cast: Jason Patric, Udo Kier, Kevin McDonald and Isabella Rossellini.

It is about bloody time that Udo Kier and Guy Maddin worked together. Yummy!

A gangster (Jason Patric) returns home after a long absence toting a drowned girl, who has mysteriously returned to life, and a bound-and-gagged hostage, who is actually his own teenage son. His odyssey is through his own house one room at a time until he arrives in the boudoir of his wife (Isabella Rossellini.)

All the details can be found here, at the Winnipeg Free Press.

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dani aisemberg

Hope to see Guy Maddin,Udo kier and gorgeous Isabella Rossellini in Cannes Film Festival