Philip K. Dick Alert! The Adjustment Bureau Trailer

The Adjustment Bureau

It is startlingly clear that the writers of Dark City were admirers of cult science fiction author, Philip K. Dick. And the film adaptation of yet another one of his stories looks like a much more contemporary (read: less expressionistic set design) version of the same story. Sure the love story and overall ‘peel pack the curtain of paranoia’ are quite familiar at this point (as is the borrowed score in this trailer, is it from the end of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine? Yes.) but hey, science fiction for adults is always a good thing. Bonus: The film has a top-shelf cast including Emily Blunt and Matt Damon (two much loved actors in these parts,) the too-damn-awesome-for-his-own-good Terence Stamp, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Mad Men’s John Slattery. First time director George Nolfi (who apparently only co-writes Matt Damon movies judging by his IMDb page) is the man in charge.

Trailer for The Adjustment Bureau is tucked under the seat.