Mamo #165: Whedo what we wanna do


This’ll teach us to read the papers. A Star Wars sitcom? Casting for Cap, a suit for GL, and more directors than we can shake our tiny fists at in rage! The boys are back to amuse themselves to death over the latest happenings in the world of fandom. Also a reminder to enter our bourgeoning box office bonanza by clicking here and letting us know how you think this summer comes out. We’ve officially added a bonus prize to the proceedings, but you’ll have to listen until the end of this week’s podcast to find out what it is.



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Matthew Fabb

Thanks again to Row Three awarding me the DVD last year (I got Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell) for last year's contest. I guess it means I have to apply this year, despite the fact that I think it was more of a fluke that I won last year.

Of course, I think Whedon is a great choice for Avengers, more so because according to those on who have had the inside scoop of Whedon projects in the past, part of the deal is that Whedon gets to re-write the script. Which is great because in the end I'm a big Whedon fan because of his writing. He's not that bad of a director either, but mainly having him as a director, is the same reason I want to see Neil Gaiman director, to make sure no messes up his scripts. Plus even BETTER is the rumour now going around that he's going to re-write the Captain America script, since it's apparently had some problems.

Will Whedon have problems keeping actors egos in check? It doesn't compare to big Hollywood egos, but apparently there were a lot of clashing egos as the Buffy tv series came to an end. Apparently, there was a lot of jealousy over each others careers and movie opportunities had during the summer. Yet none of that came through on the screen, only in interviews after the show was done. Seems one of the reasons Whedon really liked working with the Firefly cast, was because of how well everyone got along and no one had to be put in their place. Still once again nothing like the size of stars who will be in Avengers, but Whedon seems like someone dedicated to the end result so hopefully he will be able to handle it.

Also as a fan of Whedon, I won't want him to always be the underdog. I want him to become a well known name in Hollywood so that his projects get made and get the marketing and hopefully the audience they deserve.

That said, while there has been mistakes like Ang Lee on Hulk, but sometimes it pays off like getting the Jon Favreau, director of Zathura to do Iron Man, Sam Raimi, director of Evil Dead to do Spider-Man (ignoring where he went off the rails in #3), Bryan Singer, the director of Usual Suspects to do X-men or outside of super-heroes Peter Jackson the director of Heavenly Creatures and The Frighteners to do Lord of the Rings. Perhaps I need to look at wider number of movies, but it seems like there's been more success than failure at picking good directors who have handled great but smaller movies.

I definitely think it's the way to go rather than getting someone like McG, or Ratner or Michael Bay turn the Avengers into another crappy action movie with big action sets but ultimately a lousy forgettable movie.

Meanwhile, I think the Star Wars sitcom is just a strange rumor gone amok. Entertainment news has never exactly been known for it's source checking. I would hope that even Lucas would know better, looking at perhaps how the Star Wars Xmas show's more sitcom moments fell flat.

Mike Rot

I take it Matt B you will be front and center at Hot Docs entry The People vs. George Lucas?