Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders


I cannot and will not stop beating the 28 Weeks Later drum. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo follow up to Danny Boyle’s gritty outbreak/zombie film is one of the more visceral and adrenaline pumping nightmares to come along in ages. We do not often drop casting news stories around here (we prefer to wait for the more immediate look, such as a One Sheet or Trailer), but I will make an exception for Mr. Fresnadillo. Clive Owen and the underrated Daniel Brühl (Goodbye Lenin, Inglourious Basterds) head up the cast for the English language genre-film that is being produced in Spain (which should be noted is one of the current meccas for quality genre cinema).

The film involves a young girl who has to confront her childhood demons. I do not know how literal this will be, but you can likely expect stylish and visceral filmmaking, a specialty from this director, whose debut feature, Intacto, may be short on making sense, but is incredible on a scene-to-scene basis.

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The /FilmCast was talking about Intacto a few weeks ago; I remember hearing the title when it came out, I think, but I never knew anything about. Hearing them talk about it, I dropped it in my Netflix queue immediately. I, uh, also haven't seen 28 Weeks Later, but I should probably get on that, huh?

Thanks for the mention of this. Daniel Bruhl is great. Goodbye Lenin is a film that I tend to put on most of the "you haven't seen it but you should" type lists I give to people.


I wasn't a huge fan of 28 Days Later, which was why I put off 28 Weeks Later. Well, I liked 28 Days Later up until the end with the military, which I hated, and I kind of had the impression that 28 Weeks Later was continuing on from that part and focused on the military stuff more. Is that wrong? Or does he just do a better job of it than Boyle? I know Boyle traditionally seems to have issues with endings.


I'll go as far as saying 28 Days Later… is a goddamn masterpiece – and its sequel, while not as good overall, opens up with ten minutes of sickening intensity and one particular "OH, HOLY SHIT" moment that I will likely never forget.


The forest scene in Intacto is, in the words of Kurt Halfyard: "pure cinema."