Trailer for Vincenzo Natali’s SPLICE


From the “about goddamn time file” comes the first proper trailer for the Canadian genetic engineering genre-mash Splice.

The trailer makers are not exactly selling what the movie is (make no mistake this is way more drama than jump-scare and more Cronenberg than Cameron) but I am nevertheless happy that folks are finally going to get to see this beast when it drops into cinemas in June (BONUS: the release version is apparently uncensored version from the one I caught last September (My Review)) .

Splice Trailer is tucked under the seat.


  1. Glad to finally see a trailer for this; I've been trying to sell my genre-fan friends on it, but not having seen it myself or seen a trailer, it was a little difficult! I'm glad you say it's more drama than jump-scare – this trailer definitely paints it like a full-on mutant horror film, but it's more thoughtful than that, right?

  2. In a dark, twisted, scifi sorta way, she's sorta sexy. ^^.

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