Movie Club Podcast #17: The Thin Blue Line and Stroszek

Wherein the Movie Club regulars (sans Marina, but plus Omar) debate the blurry line between documentary and feature and the fascinating relationship between Errol Morris and Werner Herzog. Yes, it is the spinning milkshakes and dancing chickens of The Thin Blue Line and Stroszek, with a little shoe eating and grave-robbing on the side. And life is all the more interesting and unfathomable for these two very similar and very different filmmakers. Join the Film Junk podcast crew (Sean and Jay) along with Row Three’s Andrew and Kurt and Twitchfilm‘s Omar “Swarez” as they praise and damn the films at length.

The Movie Club is as much for the listeners as it is the contributors. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section over at the Movie Club Page. Enjoy the show!

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