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I agree that it was one of the Worst Oscar Telecasts of all time. NPH opener was (sadly) the highligh, and it was over in a few brief Showy minutes. Only one Montage (Horror, but no straying from Canon or any Foreign Language Horror), and the Interpretive Crunking to the Score was just about the most painful idea ever.


The interpretive dancing was just bizarre – and I am wondering what the point of it was? They decided to get rid of best original song performances for that?

Definitely a uneventful, unmemorable, boring Oscars.

Jandy Hardesty

Yeah, I LOVE dancing and I was still like WTF is this when that started up. Now, the opening dancing with NPH? THAT was awesome. If they were going for "more exciting" with that telecast, they failed miserably, and in fact, I doubt a little bit if they have a good grasp on the meaning of the word "exciting."

Bob Turnbull

To the producers, I think "exciting" means getting younger eyeballs to watch. So, 1) cut out too many references to movie history, 2) pull in young "hot" presenters, 3) add entertainment that the kids will like (since "So You Think You Can Dance" is popular, just add some dancing…).

I don't want to be too negative (because holy crap there's already been enough of that), so I'll just say that I think their implementation of their ideas was just bland and pretty unoriginal. The dancing in and of itself was pretty spectacular, but it didn't belong on the show and totally took away from the actual music.

As far as the telecast as a whole goes though, it wasn't that much different than many other years: so-so hosting duties (with good and bad parts), some great speeches, some dull, too much filler, too many missed opportunities, some WTF moments and not a whole lot of surprises.

It's better if you're watching with friends though since there's always running commentary. So yeah, it was one of the duller ones, but still had moments. Keeping Bacall, Willis and Corman out of the show is terrible, but we knew that going in since they had their awards presented last year.

Speaking of Bacall, didn't she just kill in the clips they showed of her acceptance? She brought her 'A' game. Those would've been classic Oscar moments. But, and here's the thing, the Academy isn't looking to celebrate film in their awards show anymore. They are simply trying to get ratings to keep the sponsors happy. And that means younger viewers. I don't like it, but they ain't producing the show for me. I was happy they showed a horror montage (not a great one, but I didn't expect anything foreign – it's the Oscars…) and got enough amusement out of it.

I suppose that sounds a bit defeatist, but I like to pick my battles. This one is done, so I'll enjoy the bits I can.

Matthew Fabb

Thanks for doing the mini-Mamo's again. I don't have cable (all tv for me is via DVD's and downloads) and there was no online feed this year, so I didn't watch it. What clips I have seen so far seems like I didn't miss much.

From Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed who was at the Oscars thanks to Coraline and entertaining:

"This is strange. It's like very slow cargo-cult stand-up comedy. I wonder how it's playing on TV."

"Cargo cult. Like radios and planes built out of bamboo. It looks like the thing but it's empty inside and doesn't fly or work."


this Mamo was far more entertaining than the Oscars. This was the year I just stopped caring about the show, didn't even follow through with counting my scorecard. trade show indeed.