Filmwatching LA: March 2010


This is the second in a hopefully consistent series highlight what’s available off the beaten track for film lovers in LA. We had a really good February, and looks like it’s going to be at least as good a March. So if you’re in LA, skip the AMC and the Arclight a time or two this month and see some of the great stuff the repertory and indie theatres are working hard to bring us.

Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theatre

The way I’m formatting these updates, you may think I have a soft spot for Cinefamily. You’re right. There may be a lot of repertory opportunities in town, but Cinefamily is the most eclectic of the bunch, serving equally foreign film lovers who want to get beyond the standard film buff stuff and cult-film lovers always on the quest for more and more bizarre fare. They’re also the only place to consistently do series around really interesting and wide-ranging themes, much like we’ve tried to do in our marathons around here, pulling all sorts of films together around the Doomsday, Dirty Thirties, and other themes. It would’ve been nice if they’d timed this month’s Post-Apocalypse Now series of apocalyptic double-features to match our Doomsday marathon a little better, but hey. They didn’t consult me.


Jerry Beck’s Animation Festival: Scope-a-Toons – March 2nd
This month Jerry Beck highlights cartoons of the ’50s in various widescreen formats – many of them haven’t been screened in their original aspect ratios for ages, so this will be, as always, a special program. This is tomorrow, so cancel whatever plans you’ve got now and get ready.

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Small Change – March 21st
A new 35mm print of François Truffaut’s 1976 film, highlighting one of his most notable traits as a director – how well he works with children.

Harmony & Me – March 23rd
Los Angeles premiere of Austin filmmaker Bob Byington’s latest indie film. It stars Justin Rice, known for his participation in various Mumblecore films as well as leading the Brooklyn indie rock band Bishop Allen. Director Byington and co-star Nick Offerman (of Parks and Recreation will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A.


Masters of the Long Take – Saturday evenings (Cinefamily descriptions)

  • March 6 – The Man From London (Bela Tarr)
  • March 13 – Sansho the Bailiff (Kenji Mizoguchi)
  • March 20 – The Earrings of Madame de… (Max Ophuls)
  • March 27 – The Round-Up (Miklós Jancsó)

Post-Apocalypse Now! – Friday double features (Cinefamily descriptions)

  • March 5 – Damnation Alley / The Road Warrior
  • March 12 – The Bed Sitting Room / A Boy and His Dog
  • March 19 – Glen and Randa / The End of August at the Hotel Ozone
  • March 26 – The Last Man on Earth / Night of the Comet / The Omega Man

Holyfuckingshit!: Stoopid Futures – Saturday late night (Cinefamily description)

  • March 6 – TV of Tomorrow (feat. The Running Man)
  • March 13 – Idiocracy
  • March 20 – Prayer of the Rollerboys / Solerbabies
  • March 27 – Sexy Sci-Fi (feat. Galaxina)

Silent Chic – Wednesday night silent cinema (Cinefamily descriptions)

  • March 3 – The Mystic
  • March 17 – Women Love Diamonds
  • March 24 – A Woman of Affairs (Greta Garbo)

CinemaEye Presents: What’s Up Docs? – Thursday nights (Cinefamily descriptions)

  • March 4 – A Night with TVTV
  • March 11 – Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo
  • March 18 – 45365
  • March 25 – Big River Man

New Beverly Cinema

126790-tarantino_quentin_new_beverly_cinema_490x200.jpgI recently found out how the New Beverly is able to keep showing repertory programming at the recession-friendly rate of $7 for a double feature – Quentin Tarantino bought the theater recently to keep one of the Los Angeles cinephile landmarks from disappearing. That also explains why they do midnight screenings of Inglourious Basterds and Reservoir Dogs rather frequently. I don’t have a problem with that, though; aside from requesting some specific stuff he’d like to show and see, he’s letting the long-time New Bev programmers continue to do their thing just as before. This month, a typically eclectic selection, not all of which I mention below – hit their site to see the full schedule. Bob and others around the third row will tell you not to miss the reissue of Nobuhiko Obayahsi’s 1997 House (Hausu), which hits the New Bev on its nationwide tour. I’m also personally interested in catching the double feature of Z and The Battle of Algiers, two 1960s European films that I’ve been wanting to see for a long while and never have. And you can never go wrong with a couple of early 1940s Hitchcock films, now can you?

New Beverly Cinema

  • March 5 & 6 – Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
  • March 10 & 11 – Shadow of a Doubt / Saboteur
  • March 12-17 – House
  • March 19 – Inglourious Basterds (Midnight)
  • March 26 & 27 – Z / The Battle of Algiers
  • March 28-30 – The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai / Repo Man

American Cinematheque

The beauty of the American Cinematheque is the support it gets from the film industry, which means they get a lot more guest speakers and visiting directors than any place else around here. This month, Katharine Ross introduces a couple of her films, including The Graduate, Peter Bogdanovich is on hand for four of his, Gene Kelly’s wife Patricia shows six of his movies (plus two more in the series that she’s apparently not going to be there for – unfortunately, that’s when they’re showing The Young Girls of Rochefort, which I MUST SEE), and Werner Herzog hits the Egyptian with a quartet of films.

Also, a plug for 2001; I saw it in 70mm at the Aero last year, and spent the entire thing with my jaw dropped in awe. It was incredible, so if you haven’t experienced it on the big screen, DO IT. Ditto Lawrence of Arabia.

American Cinematheque

Aero Cinema, Santa Monica

  • March 5 – 2001: A Space Odyssey (in 70mm)
  • March 11 – Key Largo / Murder My Sweet
  • March 12 – Vertigo
  • March 13 – The Graduate / Games (with Katharine Ross in person)
  • March 17 – The Sugarland Express / Jaws
  • March 18 – Noises Off / They All Laughed (with Peter Bogdanovich in person)
  • March 19 – Saint Jack / Daisy Miller (with Peter Bogdanovich in person)
  • March 25 – The Pirate / Brigadoon (with Patricia Kelly in person)
  • March 26 – An American in Paris / The Young Girls of Rochefort
  • March 27 – Singin’ in the Rain / Summer Stock (with Patricia Kelly in person)
  • March 28 – On the Town / Anchors Aweigh (with Patricia Kelly in person)

Grauman’s Egyptian, Hollywood

  • March 1 – We Live in Public (presented by Eliza Dushku)
  • March 5 – West Side Story
  • March 6 – Lawrence of Arabia (in 70mm)
  • March 14 – Top Hat / Roberta
  • March 20 – Nosferatu / Cobra Verde (with Werner Herzog in person)
  • March 21 – Stroszek / Woyzeck (with Werner Herzog in person)
  • March 24 – The Third Man / The Fallen Idol
  • March 25 – Mad Max / The Road Warrior / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Other Repertory or Reiussues


ARTSTEAL.jpgPreview Screening: The Art of the Steal – March 9th. Free tickets, reserve yours and find out more about the film here. This art world documentary presented as a heist film looks really good (this from someone who doesn’t like documentaries); I’ve never actually been to a screening at LACMA, so I may choose this one to cut my teeth on. It’s opening at the Laemmle chain on the 12th.

Films of Jean Renoir

  • March 12 – Toni / Swamp Water
  • March 13 – French Cancan / The Golden Coach
  • March 19 – La bete humaine / The Woman on the Beach
  • March 20 – The Southerner / The River
  • March 26 – Grand Illusion / The Elusive Corporal
  • March 27 – La chienne / La Maseillaise
  • April 2 – Diary of a Chambermaid / Elena et les hommes
  • April 3 – Nana
  • April 9 – Boudu Saved from Drowning / The Testament of Doctor Cordelier
  • April 10 – A Day in the Country / The Rules of the Game


I ALMOST saw a Mystery Team screening several months ago, not long after it got high reviews at Sundance 2009, but there were so many people there I wasn’t able to get in. So I was really glad to see it pop up on the Nuart schedule this month!

Landmark Theatres

Reiussues and Notable Limited Releases

  • March 5 – Ran (one week only)
  • March 12 – Mystery Team (one week only)

CineInsomnia Midnight Screenings

  • March 5 – The Evil Dead
  • March 12 – The Big Lebowski
  • March 19 – Labyrinth
  • March 26 – Pulp Fiction

New Limited Releases

  • March 12 – The Art of the Steal
  • March 19 – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
  • March 19 – Mother (Marina’s review)
  • March 19 – Runaways
  • March 26 – Harmony & Me