New Poster and Trailer for “I Am Love”

Didn’t hear anything from anyone about this seemingly surreal drama at last year’s TIFF until Kurt posted the glorious, Criterion-looking one-sheet almost a month ago to the day. And now with the trailer, the description from that posts sounds like it will be quite accurate – at least in terms off the aesthetics. The cinematography is obviously breathtaking, but some of the camera work here look exquisite as well (love that shot coming over the railing on the stairs).

Apparently drawing a lot of praise coming off of the festival circuit, just from the trailer it’s easy to see why. As just a knee-jerk observation, this looks like Gosford Park meets The Royal Tenenbaums with the beauty of something like Diving Bell and the Butterfly. God bless Tilda Swinton as she seems to do zero wronging. It looks like we’ve got another possible hidden gem in our hands.

I Am Love, or Io sono l’amore, is slated for a June 18th limited release.
The trailer is tucked under the seats…


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Marina Antunes

I really love this trailer. A lot. But I like the previous poster more than this one.

My one cringing moment: Swinton's Italian. Ouch.