Shorts Program: Nuit Blanche

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Nuit Blanche Still

It’s been a great year for Spy Films. First one of their directors is nominated for a Best Picture Oscar (that would be Vancouver’s own Neill Blomkamp and District 9) and now another of their Canadian directors is making some splashes of his own.

Ontario director Arev Manoukian has been getting a lot of attention lately. His interactive commercial for Nokia won him acclaim and was a Cannes Cyber Lions and One Show finalist and the director’s most recent project, a short film titled Nuit Blanche, recently won the LG Life’s Good FilmFest and a grand prize of $100,000. I’ve not seen any of the other films in competition but seeing Manoukian’s film, it’s not surprising that he took home the top prize. In a few short minutes and with nothing more than two characters and some music, he creates a gorgeous moment of fantasy and romance. A perfect treat for Valentine’s Day.

Film tucked under the seat.

Marina Antunes
Fassbender for life.