Cinecast Episode 154 – Dissertation

Episode 154:
And we are back! After a brief hiatus we have, in this lengthy show all sorts of goodness for you, including: A top ten(+) list of our most anticipated films of 2010; reviews of both Frozen and The White Ribbon; as well as a plethora of other viewings over the past week and change. This week was a bit on the lighter side in terms of DVD releases, but we managed to find a few “MAN-ly” choices and spend some time talking about the designer-made minimalists posters that have been plastered over the internets over the past several months. There is talk of an upcoming giveaway of one of these posters as well. All this and the proverbial more are discussed casually over red wine. Enjoy.


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Intros/Opening: :00
(SPOILERS!) Frozen: 1:40
The White Ribbon: 24:15
Top 5 (most anticipated): 48:31
Other stuff we watched: 1:27:31
DVD picks: 2:16:00
Minimalist posters: 2:26:50
Outro music: 2:31:55 – 2:35:57

Frozen (Kurt’s review)

OTHER REVIEWS (what we watched):
The White Ribbon (our review)
Master & Commander
Jackie Brown
Death Proof
Thirteen Days
Nanook of the North
Vermilion Souls
Daytime Drinking

TOP 5 (most anticipated of 2010):
10) Killer Inside Me
9) Amer
8 ) Hissss
7) Inception
6) The Way Back
5) Meek’s Cut Off
4) Blood Meridian
3) The Grand Master
2) Tree of Life
1) Never Let Me Go

– True Grit
– The Ward
– Tree of Life
– Greenberg
– Knockout
– Black Swan
– The Rum Diary
– The Tempest
– Never Let Me Go
– Meek’s Cut Off


A Serious Man (IMDb)

A Serious Man (IMDb)


Maria Full of Grace (Andrew’s review)

The Running Man (IMDb)

The Chaplin Collection
The Time Traveler’s Wife

“Second Sight” (TV: Clive Owen, Eddie Marsan)
“Endgame” (TV: Chiwetel Ejiofor, William Hurt)

Minimalist posters:
– – Hitchcock
– – Tarantino
– – Star Wars
– – TV shows
– – more…

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contest eh? heh. i dont think even am getting anything for the oscar noms contest…

Kurt Halfyard

Actually, Goon, Andrew has a Full Season of EXTRAS (Season 1 I believe) that is just about en-route to you for the Oscar Nom contest.

Kurt Halfyard

(Or you could politely ask him to raid his new collection of Criterion Kurosawas! He might be willing to part with Rashomon!


I highly doubt anyone would part with the latter 🙂

I have the full series of Extras already, but if its en route I would gladly accept it to pass on to a friend….

…if its not yet en route, I can create my own sound clips contest so someone else can win it 🙂

let me know


Shit Yes

Shannon the Movie Mo

I saw Frozen last week and loved it! Sure, some of the premise felt familiar (esp. to Open Water) but loved how it was done. I never would have thought of it like The Descent but now I can totally see that.

Agree that it seemed implasuible the one guy not able to do pull ups – not because they are easy but because he's obviously been skiing a long time. Anyhow.. that is a nitpick.

Really enjoyed listening to your most anticipated films of 2010 – makes mine look totally mainstream! Gah! But bring on Tree of Life, new Wong Kar-Wai and The Fighter. So much to get excited about. It's shaping up to be an awesome year!

Kurt Halfyard

I strongly doubt it will top 2007 or 1999, but I welcome the possibility!


Films I am looking forward to seeing in 2010:

Tree of Life

Blood Meridian

Blue Valentine



Green Zone (Greengrass)

The Town (Affleck)

The American (Corbijn of Control)

Todd Field and Terrence Malick alone make this a huge year in film for me.


oh right and

Never Let Me Go


Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles absolutely exists here in LA. There are several of them in fact. If you remember in Black Dynamite, they even make fun of it with Roscoe's Chili & Donuts and then realizes chicken&waffles is a better idea.


Roscoes makes it on to a t-shirt in Funny People as well, just noticed it in a weekend rewatch.

Kurt Halfyard

@ Primal, I never knew it went beyond simple a movie joke. I always loved the tapeheads bit!

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Kurt, I'm wondering if you could tell me why it is you hate Dead Poets Society so much. Of all movies to hate – and even ones in that genre which are worth hating – I just don't get it.

Enjoyed the show greatly as always – especially the most anticipated films bit (had to skip the White Ribbon discussion). Some great choices in there. I was gonna buy Never Let Me Go the other day on lunch, but the bookstore I went to didn't have it, so I ended up getting The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo and I just saw that it comes out in a few weeks. I better hurry.

Sidenote: any chance you guys can add a "subscribe to comments" box (on a per-post basis) or something of that ilk?


Dead Poets Society (And Good Will Hunting) are the most painfully lazy/earnest feel-good bullshit grabs at earnestness (while also feeling just a of bit bad for dramas sake) loads of dreck out there. The fact that they are both made by directors that I adore only rubs salt in the wound. And Neither of them for one second feel anything but "Written," that is to say that they don't earn the emotions they are aiming for. The thin stabs at the character of the students are so lazy and cardboard it is like eating really, really, really bad pizza with no ingredients.

Or maybe it is just Robin Williams as Yo! Teach!


Jandy Hardesty

Fletch, if you add /feed to the end of any post permalink, it will give you that post's comments via RSS (so for this post,… is the comments RSS feed – no way for email as of yet, unless you run that through an RSS-to-email service). Adding RSS/email subscribe-to-comments support is something several of us are interested in; thanks for bringing it back to the forefront of our attention.


Kurt – what can I say – as a veteran (victim?) of 13 years of private Catholic school, and as someone who was about 13 when I first saw DPS, I've always really enjoyed it. And I don't think the "stabs at character" are thin – I mean, the only characters that really stand out are Williams', Hawke's, and Leonard's, but how much deeper could it/should it go? Though considering your hatred for both DPS ans GWH, methinks maybe it indeed is a dislike of Williams that's rubbing off on you (though I did hear you profess some love for One Hour Photo, so perhaps not).

Andrew – thank you, but yeah, I was aware of that. Too many total posts/comments to go through. I have this weird thing about keeping my Google Reader count as low as possible, and that would kill it. 😉

Jandy – Aha! I was not aware of that trick – many thanks, I will certainly use that (though I'm a big fan of subscribing to comments by email in general).


No problem! That trick will work on any WordPress-powered blog, incidentally. They have lots of secret feeds if you know how to figure out the URLs.

Also, I have love for Dead Poets Society, too. Don't tell Kurt.


Not a huge fan of Williams, no, but he is pretty awesome when he does subversively creepy.

One Hour Photo, the Insomnia remake, Death to Smoochey.

He is pretty good in Terry Gilliam's THE FISHER KING as well.

Matt Gamble

You need to watch World's Greatest Dad, Kurt.

Kurt Halfyard

Yes. Yes I do! (I'll get there eventually!)

Shannon the Movie Mo

Recently finished reading Never Let Me Go and oh my goodness… fantastic book. Can't wait for the film. Not sure if you guys mentioned casting at the time but I just looked it up and it's absolutely perfect casting: Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightly and Sally Hawkins. I can't wait.


That is indeed mighty fine, and with Romanek at the helm, I just may be convinced that this may work. It is a damn tricky proposition considering Ishiguro's unusual narrative technique is not easy to translate out of novel form.


[…] Let Me Go by Kazuo IshiguroI picked up this one from hearing Kurt & Andrew talk about it over at the Cinecast when looking ahead to the films of 2010 and I didn’t listen to much more than that as I could […]

Shannon the Movie Mo

So true about the narrative style, that took me a while to get used to. I wonder how, or if, they are going to try and incorporate that.