Soderbergh and Crew Talk About “The Red” and The Digital Revolution

Steven Soderbergh talks about “The Red” and digital technology in regards to his film Che (recently released under the wonderful Criterion label for both standard and Blu-Ray). I have yet to pick up this astonishingly overlooked, under-appreciated and unfairly shit upon (by audiences and the studio) DVD version of the film, but as I understand it, it is a must have for not only history buffs, but also anyone interested in the art of film making in the new decade.

Soderbergh’s commentary track is apparently fascinating and of course well though out and articulate. I look forward to rewatching the film (in its four hour entirety) through his eyes, so to speak. Also included in the DVD set is a 33-minute featurette entitled “Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution” which has recently been posted online for those of us who can’t put together the scratch for the DVD. I’ve posted this video below for your enjoyment. God bless Steven Soderbergh; yes, cinema matters to us Steve! Keep it coming!

Watch: “Che and the Digital Cinema Revolution”


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  1. We used a Red cam on our last short and the footage looks beautiful. It was a pain in the arse in post-production, but that was mainly because I've never used it before.

    It is the closest digital format to actual film for me, it really looks stunning (if you know what you're doing). I just hope the makers don't start ramping up the price because the camera's were surprisingly cheap when they were first released (relatively speaking of course – I couldn't afford one).

  2. David, were you using different lenses on the Red and if so, were you happy with the quality?

    I was toying with picking up the consumer version of the Red coming out later, but the fixed lens makes me iffy, I'm not even sure if the pro-Red can take different lenses…

  3. The pro version can take different lenses and you can get an adaptor for it to use regular camera lenses as well.

    Kurt check out SLR cameras like the new Nikon and Canon, the deliver amazing HD footage and have much better ISO control so you can shoot without any lighting equipment.

  4. I didn't shoot it personally, I edited the film, but I'm pretty sure the DOP used a 35mm lense or something along those lines. I was unaware that a 'consumer' version was coming out, hopefully that'll lead to some in-between level models that are affordable to buy for smaller companies like ourselves, but still of a professional standard.

    Exciting stuff.


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