Shorts Program: Logorama

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Old Big-Boy

Idiocracy ain’t got nuthin’ on this!

Logorama, which could take home an Oscar next month, probably takes the vulgarity prize (in both language and aesthetic) and would very likely make Naomi Klein (author of No Logo) cry. Along with Klein, probably a few brand managers and intellectual property lawyers. The creators are equal opportunity offenders! The ‘story,’ such that it is, follows Ronald McDonald on an OJ like cop chase through a cartoon Los Angeles where every person, building and car is constructed out of corporate logos. Yes, you can get lost just looking at background insanity, or follow a couple of Micheline Men cops trying to gun down old Ronnie and save Big Boy, the Pringles Guy and a cute Esso-gal. The animators here are having a blast, even though their symbols may be obvious (uh, kinda the point!), the energy and mayhem is infectious. Not just products and services, but film fonts and symbols, environmental groups and everything under the sun (even the open source Linux Penguin!) gets tarred and feathered with a broad brush which, appropriately is structured and executed like a modern Hollywood Blockbuster. Surely the collapse of the Western world is happening due to copyright-gone-wild and capitalist cannibalism. (Fun Fact: David Fincher, who also laid the satirical smack down on capitalism and violence in 1999s Fight Club is voice of the Pringles Man and Seven screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker is also lending his voice to the proceedings.)

Logorama was (of course!) made and produced by an ad firm, the French H5 Design Collective and directed by François Alaux. The entire 16 minute short is tucked under the seat. Enjoy!

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Jandy Hardesty

That. Was awesome. Even if Los Angeles did fall into the ocean at the end, which I'm hoping it waits to do until after I'm done living here. 😉

Jandy Hardesty

Also, you have now successfully brought our office to a sixteen-minute standstill while we all watch this. Good show!

Liz Hover

Sheer genius.

Andrew James

2nd time watch and caught all sorts of new details.

Love the Nickelodeon coffee spillage and the Greyhound running. Or something more epic and obvious as the Xbox logo. I also loved all of the APPLE apples falling from the tree.

Oscar worthy? I think so!