Cinecast Episode 153 – How to Capture Vomit

Episode 153:
Amazing that after a two week break, neither host has managed to have any sort of cross over in our movie viewings. It ain’t a symptom of laziness in our parts, it’s simply a strange time of year when things are still being released at strange intervals and to find the good stuff you gotta look a little harder than usual. Still, NINE finally manages to enter the equation as well as Mel Gibson’s return to the screen with Edge of Darkness. Of course comedies make it on to the docket once in a while and here we got to dig into Youth in Revolt. And as always we have some tangents into what other past films we’ve watched or revisited recently and it’s a hell of a week for Blu-Ray releases. So sit back and enjoy (or not) an old fashioned, “just kickin’ it around” style show as we ponder the last couple weeks of cinema.
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Intros/Opening: :00
TV (LOST, Big Love): :52
Oscar Nominations: 10:09
Edge of Darkness: 21:07
Youth in Revolt: 30:16
Nine: 40:25
Songs from the 2nd Floor: 52:38
Taxidermia: 1:00:14
The Hit: 1:08:43
Inglourious Basterds: 1:16:05
Clerks I & II: 1:19:53
DVD picks: 1:24:03
Outro music: 1:47:14 – 1:50:37

Edge of Darkness (IMDb)

Youth in Revolt (IMDb)
NINE (Jandy’s review)
Songs from 2nd Floor (IMDb)
Taxidermia (IMDb)
The Hit (IMDb)


New York, I Love You (Andrew’s review)

House of the Devil (Cinecast review)


The Man from Earth (Andrew’s review)

Casablanca (IMDb)

Ong Bak 1
Ong Bak 2
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Gangs of New York
Mystic River
House of the Dead
Last King of Scotland
Bonnie and Clyde
March of the Penguins

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Edge of darkness is nowhere near as intelligent

or as timely as it's TV counterpart, but what it does have is a grizzled and measured performance from Gibson (can’t believe I'm glad to see the hateful sucker back in the movies) His character has similarities with Payback’s Porter but with a moral centre that slowly erodes during the movie as the conspiracy closes in on him.

Can’t believe you weren't digging on Winston’s performance more Andrew or the atmosphere of dread that Campbell created. It's no Taken or Brave One, which I'm grateful for. Brave One was very dull if slightly worthy take on the revenge thriller but Taken is bad bad bad.

Don’t get me wrong it's not a great movie, there is some woeful dialogue delivered by the supporting cast and the daughter’s flashback/angel scenes are heavy-handed and laughable.

When the action scenes did happen I thought they were very reminiscent of Casino Royale. Didn't you like the gallows humour or the way the Gibson’s character was initially turning the screw rather than expected rampage Andrew?


Cannot Ray Winstone do his role in Edge of Darkness in his sleep by now? He has been doing that for some time! But yea, that actor is always worth watching.

I'd like to see him do more Sexy Beasts and The War Zones and less Edge of Darknesses and The Departeds, though.


You are quite right but Winston sleepwalking through a movie is better than a lot of other people on their best day.

I love Sexy Beast, The War Zone, Nil By Mouth and Births, Marriages and Deaths to name a few and would much prefer to see him get parts he could get his teeth into but I'm not adverse to having him class up a movie like this, not down with Crystal Skull or Fool's Gold though, a step to far.

I had initially went to go see 44 Inch Chest, which at very least would be some great Brit actors shouting and swearing at each other for 90 minutes, not unlike The Hit, but I missed the showing and ended up in the Edge of Darkness, which I like more than I would have thought.

Kurt Halfyard

We are in complete agreement. and yea, i also want to see 44 Inch Chest. I think it opens in my neck of the woods pretty soon!


Kurt, did you see my long-winded nonsensical rambling about Ray Winstone the other day?


I liked Edge of Darkness. It is definitely, absolutely nothing new plot-wise (seriously, Danny Huston was almost in the same role that he played in The Constant Gardener, no?), it isn't nearly as intelligent as it might seem to think it is, and it kind of seems like a waste of both Huston and Ray Winstone's talents, but it was fun to see Mel back on the screen and he did a good job after so many years off the screen. If you don't like Mel, there isn't much of a reason to see this though, I'd say.