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You can now take a look at RowThree’s bookmarks at any time of your choosing simply by clicking the “delicious” button to your left. It looks remarkably similar to this:

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I love extended takes. I remember the first time I saw The Passenger and was just blown away by that ending take. It's pretty cool to read about how he did it too.

Rope, of course, is another. It's set up almost like a theatrical play, and although there are plenty of moments where the the cut is obvious, those long stretches where they don't have already impressed me. I love Jimmy Stewart.

Goodfellas sits precisely where it should be, at number one. It may not technically be the most impressive, but it is by far the most memorable.

Atonement should have made the list as well. That blew me away in the theater and still impresses me every time I watch it. It was showy, yes, but still impressive.