Trailer for Thomas Vinterberg’s Submarino

From leading the Dogme movement to early success with Festen (The Celebration), to America and gun polemic (penned by Lars von Trier, natch!) Dear Wendy, Danish director Thomas Vinterberg has range and style (and has a way of collecting very good actors in his film ensembles). Most agree that the Festen is a great film, but I certainly like having conversations about Dear Wendy, a film that does indeed polarize audiences with its amped up style and self-importance (which is itself part of the irony – again, note the screenwriter). Marina and I may disagree on the quality of Dear Wendy (and I am somewhat cribbing her post from Quiet Earth) but we agree that folks at this years Berlinale are a lucky bunch to get the first look at Vinterberg’s latest, a dark, family drama called Submarino, which focuses on two estranged and separated brothers whose lives bring them back together, forcing them to face dramatic childhood memories. The trailer is tucked under the seat.