Marion Cotillard and Franz Ferdinand for Lady Dior

A few months ago Andrew posted a Lady Dior promotional video with Marion Cotillard in a noirish story. The end of the video promises that “Lady Rouge” would be coming soon, and that new phase of the campaign launched a few days ago. It’s not a video this time, but a song written and performed by Brit rock outfit Franz Ferdinand, with the lovely Ms. Cotillard providing vocals. It’s not a secret that we think pretty highly of Cotillard around here (she ended up on both Andrew’s and Kurt’s Top Ten female performances lists for her role in Public Enemies, and I thought she easily outshone her many costars in Nine), so it’s always fun to see her doing new things, even if those things are endorsements. Honestly, I actually like the song, too.

The new song, entitled “The Eyes of Mars,” is streaming over at Lady Dior now, along with some behind the scenes video and fashion photography.