Dear Jason Reitman, George Clooney, and Jim Berkus

I know that you guys check this website religiously, so here is our open letter to you. First, please take a moment to read this excerpt from Cinematical’s interview with Harrison Ford.

We think that the point here is clear. Harrison has said he wants to work with you guys, now it’s time to make this happen. He will probably not put any effort into making this happen, nor should he have to. All it will take is a quick phone call and everything will fall into place. George, maybe you and he can be in a movie together. And Jason can direct it. Or, perhaps you can both direct separate movies for him to be in. Regardless, it is time to get this man’s career back on track, especially after his latest stinker, the made-for-TV looking Extraordinary Measures, is failing with both the critics (27% on RT) and at the box office (it doesn’t look like it will break $10 million for its opening weekend).

Jim Berkus, if you are still Harrison Ford’s agent, you need to start the dialogue between all of these guys and Mr. Ford. You know, because it’s your job and all. We’ve lost our patience with you already.

Let’s make this happen. Jonathan even has a great script, so you can get right down to the filming. Give him a call. He can act too. Just saying.


The Row Three Staff

p.s. But seriously, make this happen.

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i'd be on board with this. it's time he reinvents himself as an actor and stops taking on macho, action roles and maybe softer, more acting-driven roles. some of his best work came from his more dramatic roles. unfortunately, they are often in crap movies like the one he just came out with. get him a great writer and director like Reitman and well…. yeah!

Chris Pollard

I’m very impress on how Ford’s agent is taking his career and turning him more into a character actor. Which makes sense because as Ford gets older there’s not too many lead roles he can get. If you look at his three new movies for 2013. He has 42, Paranoia and Ender’s Game. Extraordinary performance from what I seen so far in the trailers for 42, Not a hint of Indiana Jones, or Han Solo in that performance. I think this is a good career move for Ford and if a script is package in a good way with Reitman I can see a possible Oscar Nomination for Ford in the near future