Forget The Mona Lisa, Check out The Shining.

Normally this type of thing would end up in the Row Three Recommends type entry, but it is just too deliciously zany not to dedicate a full post to it. It seems that Jay Weidner (filmmaker, conspiracy theorist, author and critic) has penned the strangest commentary ever on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Putting on his Dan Brown hat and digging into the symbols and signs contained in Kubrick’s sumptuously designed Stephen King adaptation, he has come to the conclusion that one of the chief reasons for the films existence is sort of a guilty conscience for Kubrick Faking the Apollo 11 Moon Landing (while shooting 2001: A Space Odyssey – natch). Chew on this, what looks like only a partial thesis at this point, but it is delightful to read. The Overlook Hotel is America! Jack is Stanley Kubrick! There are spaceship motifs in the Indian Artwork. The Cold War buries the hotel. Eagles and Bears are everywhere. The Apollo “A” logo in the architecture of the Overlook Hotel (no mention of a similar “A” on the back of Danny’s Big Wheel, though -you can have that one for free from yours truly, Jay), Danny’s Sweater and all the various ways of indicating sabotage, the launch, etc of the rocket ship design. It’s a fun read, and my brief mention of some of the symbols merely scratch the surface. As the director of both The Da Vinci Code and Apollo 13, where is Ron Howard when you need him to make the inevitable dramatization of this stunning theory!

The full article is here. It is seriously awesome.

(Post Script: It reminds me of this CIA Mind Control (and Illuminati) conspiracy theory review of Eyes Wide Shut. Leave it to Kubrick to bring out the strangeness in lateral critical thinking.)