Get a Glimpse of Hesher

One of the movies I’m really looking forward to seeing that has been on my radar for a while is Hesher, which will be making its debut at Sundance this year. The main reason behind my excitement is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the most exciting young actor out there today and he’ll be playing the title character of Hesher, a loner hippie type who hates the world and lives in his van until he meets and takes under his wing young TJ, a young boy trying to cope with the death of his mother and the pill-popping ways of his father (Rainn Wilson). Another reason for my excitement is director Spencer Susser, a man many may remember from his creatively delicious Sundance short film I Love Sarah Jane, about a boy and love during the zombie apocalypse (which you can watch right here).

Below is a Sundance feature of Susser talking a bit about his upcoming movie and we get a little glimpse at the movie, both in his description of it and in some brief footage (tucked under the seat)
. Thanks to the good folks over at Twitch for the heads up.

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whoa, levitt transforms!