Bookmarks for January 12

  • It’s Really Not That Complicated
    While I do not completely agree with Noah Forrest’s take on the Nancy Meyers’ Romantic Drama-dy, It’s Complicated, I do agree that Meyers does take some easy-way-outs to facilitate the story, rather than any sort of realism. As a bonus there is some interesting ‘Best TV of the Decade” stuff tacked on at the bottom of this column. While the film isn’t really complicated, it is still a very solid genre entry and easily the directors best film to date. BONUS: There is a tid-bit of interesting ‘Best TV of the Decade” commentary tacked on at the bottom of Noah’s column.
  • DVD in awards season could be the trigger for The Hurt Locker
    “Though audiences seemed unwilling to trust the 97% positive rating from film review site, the awards season may help The Hurt Locker turn a corner in the fight for moviegoers.”
  • Sony on Spider Man Reboot
    Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire are done. Brand new take on the character is aiming for 2012. Sony issues press release.
  • Lost in the Air: Jason Reitman animates the press corps
    Here’s a short depicting Reitman’s recent press tour, edited together from iPhone images.
  • The Oscars, Australian Government, and You: A Guide to Oscar Nods
    The final list of ten nominees is actually pruned down from a few hundred potential films (274 this year) by preferential voting rather than by a plurality. That way, a movie needs more than 10% of the total votes to be nominated. Preferential voting essentially lessens the chance of a wasted vote by giving each voter a series of fall back choices instead of one all or nothing shot. Here’s a full breakdown of the system.
  • The Curse Of Harrison Ford
    Look at all of the careers Ford has destroyed simply being on screen together that one time.


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