Rot’s 10 Best Films of the Decade

Little Children

As promised, we’re trickling out each of our individual lists to coincide with, or better qualify, our overall list of the best of the decade as chosen by all of the RowThree contributors.

I will kick off theses individual lists with my own:

1. Little Children
2. The New World
3. When the Levees Broke
4. Rachel Getting Married
5. Waking Life
6. 25th Hour
7. Mammoth
8. Bloody Sunday
9. Inland Empire
10. In the Bedroom

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Andrew James

I was really surprised to not see Little Children on more decade lists. Fabulous movie. Also in my top ten.

Matt Brown

Wow. That's a pretty fresh list – good picks.


after eyeing up Bob's list I think I need to add 10.5 entry for Old Boy.

anyone who doesn't have Little Children in their list is not being honest with him/herself. : P