Mamo #158: We drink your milkshake

The end of the year, the decade, and oh, conventional filmmaking. The Matts are back to reset the conversation with the list of what we liked in the past 3653 days. As is it impossible to cover everything, here are some links to better round out the conversation: Matthew P’s Best of 2009His Best of the Decade, Matthew Brown’s Best of 2009, and his Best of the Zeros. Enjoy, and have fun taking us to task in the comments.

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on Matt B's point about Brokeback Mountain and this idea of picking films that seem culture-worthy over films that have actual resonance with you, it seems to me the film must stand alone as something you love, no hypothetical about it, and then as a secondary condition maybe you can see that it has some kind of resonance outside of you, in the case of Best of the Decade lists. Its such a waste to talk of film solely as archival products, and also think of canon as something fixed.

I think Citizen Kane is no Citizen Kane.

Lake of Fire is awesome, both in craft and what it makes you think about, but I would actually take Deliver Us From Evil over it, despite a weaker craftsmanship, just because of how deeply it affected me, how it changed the way I think of things. That ought to rate higher than craft I would think. For that case, again for me, Collapse is higher than Fog of War, the personal trumping the hypothetical.

Matt Brown

"I think Citizen Kane is no Citizen Kane" needs to be on a shirt.

Deliver Us From Evil certainly shook the living shit out of me and would feature highly on a list of great docs, no prob.