After the Credits Episode 81 – January Preview

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Dale (Digital Doodles), Colleen and Marina look ahead to the films opening in January.

Row Three:

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Show Notes:

Click on movie title for the trailer.

Opening Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian’s “Forbidden Colours” (iTunes)

Opening January 8th

Youth in Revolt
Leap Year
Crazy on the Outside
Wonderful World
Bitch Slap

Opening January 15th

The Spy Next Door
The Book of Eli
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil

Opening January 22nd

Tooth Fairy
Extraordinary Measures

Opening January 29th

When in Rome
Edge of Darkness

Closing Music: Placebo’s “Running Up That Hill” (iTunes)

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Current Films: Artificial Intelligence: A.I. and Prince of Darkness
Upcoming Films: After Hours and The Warriors

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Shannon the Movie Mo

Great cast guys & Happy New Year! Was really fun listening to the upcoming Jan films and seems like everyone is looking forward to something different.

I have to say I'm with Marina on Youth in Revolt – couldn't be less interested and Cera seems to get similiar roles over and over again.

I can't believe now I'm mildly interested in Leap Year – dangnabit!

The Gibson/Roberts film was Conspiracy Theory – I have a soft spot for that one even though it's not brillant.

Looking forward to the next cast!

Kurt Halfyard

Sam Neill all the way!

I'm looking forward to Daybreakers because it was one of the few midnight madness (tiff) titles I missed last year.

You are spot-on for Undead, it's good for the budget, but pretty derivate stuff for the most part.


The Spierig brothers are pretty awesome in the sense that they like to get their hands dirty. They did Undead basically on their laptop and for Daybreakers they did over 200 effect shots themselves.