Bookmarks for December 16

  • Evolution of Horror Movie Poster Designs: 1922 – 2009
    For those who like One Sheets, track some of the trends and styles of Horror pictures, here is rough chronological sampling since the genre was born right up to this year.
  • A History of African-Americans in film
    “An interesting time line in words and pictures that show the progress of “Race movies” over the past 100 years.”
  • Golden Globe nods don’t ensure Oscar love
    “Amid the first rush of Globes fanfare, it will be tempting to look at their five nominees for best drama and five for best comedy/musical and declare them the likely front-runners to become the Academy Ten. For even though the HFPA places 10 bets in its two best picture categories, it hasn’t done all that convincing a job in years past of predicting the Academy’s five best picture nominees. Why should its record improve now that the Academy has upped its ante?”
  • Box Office 2.0: ‘Broken Embraces’ and the Cannes ’09 Crop
    Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces” has managed three consecutive weekends with per-theater-averages of over $40,000, and this weekend – upon expansion from NY to LA – still managed a $18,255 PTA. Impressive.
  • I Am a Follower (and you should be too)
    Here is a write up that will be posted and updated as the time goes on – with the important people Gary King (New York Lovely) believes you should take an interest in as they all have something special and unique to share in and among the indie film world.
  • Take me to a whole new world…but don’t show me how we got there.
    The insistence on a certain type of realism, which in Hollywood comes down to slickness, truncates the audience’s imagination. When everything is presented in the slickest way possible, it’s difficult to engage with film in a meaningful way – unfortunately, this is what people have come to expect.
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