What’s Up Lovely – Official Trailer!

After seeing Gary King’s New York Lately (our review) once again at the Flyway film festival earlier this fall, it solidified its spot somewhere on my annual top ten films of the year list (DVD should be released early 2010 I believe). So it’s without a doubt I’m really looking forward to King’s next project, What’s Up Lovely.

While we posted the teaser trailer back in May, it’s nice to see a full blown, proper preview released which just gives me that much more anticipation and excitement.

Matt and I got a chance to talk with the director at the film festival and we chatted privately a bit about this new picture. King himself makes no bones about his influences here. Evoking nuggets of style from the likes of directors such as PT Anderson and Wong Kar-Wai may appear obvious. But the dark style and esoteric points of the film (and shown more blatantly in this latest trailer than in the lighter teaser) are taken more from the David Lynch school of film making. As far as I’m concerned, these are nothing but positive points for this director and he’ll definitely be one to watch out for. And if you get the chance, pick up New York Lately when it’s released on DVD in a couple months. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Official site

or check out the HD, Vimeo version (and plot synopsis) below the seats…

In the dead of night, a recently unemployed insomniac wanders the streets of New York discovering a city beyond her wildest imagination.

Luci (Jenn Dees) loses her job and times are tougher than ever. Unable to sleep, she begins an after-hours journey embarking on a series of strange encounters as she wanders the dark metropolis. During one unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she tries to find her way back home. What’s Up Lovely is a drama about the struggle to survuve the city while battling the enemy within ourselves.


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Jandy Hardesty

This looks amazing. Do we have any idea when it's likely to come out, or where it's likely to play or anything? I'm for sure checking out New York Lately when the DVD comes out. But just looking at the two trailers, What's Up Lovely looks even more up my alley.


I'm intrigued. Looks great.

Clifton E.

Gary King is a Master and visionary at his craft… he is way ahead of his time. Innovation and creativity cannot be bought its a gift, Gary was at the front of the line.

Kurt Halfyard

Love the images but the voice-over is overkill. I think the trailer would work significantly better without any voice over. Images and music tell the story.


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