Scar Wars

Originally I hadn’t planned on posting this, but since it seems to be video clip day in the third row, I simply couldn’t resist. There are thousands of fan made Star Wars clips/trailers/mash-ups/homages/music videos blanketing the internet these days but every once in a while I’m forced to put one up that deems itself worthy.

What sounds like probably a hack job at first glance turns out to be pretty damn entertaining and well edited. I dig the Mötley Crüe soundtrack and the lip syncing is damn near spot on. But my favorite part has to be the poster images embedded within the trailer. I need to get my hands on one of those. By the way, can you spot the one clip that isn’t Harrison Ford but is in fact Bruce Willis?

Harrison Ford is… Tony “Fuckin” Montana. In Scar Wars

check out the trailer below the seats…


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John Dvi-Vardhana

Thanks Guys for posting my mash up….I'm glad you all enjoyed it.

As for "THE LAST BOYSCOUT " Clips….It's a favorite movie of mine and just wanted to see if anyone caught on.


John Dvi-Vardhana


Editor of "Scar Wars"