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A director we don’t often talk about around here but definitely should be is Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Easily in my personal list of top 3 directors working today, I just love his signature auteur style that invokes a little bit of Almodóvar, a little bit of Terry Gilliam and whole lotta charm (which almost always includes the fantastic Dominique Pinon). Look at the guy’s filmography and you’d be hard pressed to find a film that isn’t simply exquisite (please no jokes about Alien 4 – that movie is awesome).

The film screened at The Toronto Film Festival in September and has since been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics who have put together and released a trailer. The film revolves around Bazil (Dany Boon) who is accidentally shot in the head and finds his whole life turned upside down. Homeless, he ends up being taken in by a group of eccentrics, and starts to plot with them to take down the source of all his woes: the weapons manufacturers responsible for the bullets that hit him and killed his father years before.

While this latest trailer is a bit on the goofy side and possibly even a little messy, one can’t deny the visual heart put into this as well as what appears to be some pretty fun “Jerry Lewis”-esque performances. If this ever makes it anywhere near my neck of the woods (which is likely to be a long time from now) I can guarantee my butt will be comfortably warming one of the theater seats.

See the trailer below the seats…


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