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A director we don’t often talk about around here but definitely should be is Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Easily in my personal list of top 3 directors working today, I just love his signature auteur style that invokes a little bit of Almodóvar, a little bit of Terry Gilliam and whole lotta charm (which almost always includes the fantastic Dominique Pinon). Look at the guy’s filmography and you’d be hard pressed to find a film that isn’t simply exquisite (please no jokes about Alien 4 – that movie is awesome).

The film screened at The Toronto Film Festival in September and has since been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics who have put together and released a trailer. The film revolves around Bazil (Dany Boon) who is accidentally shot in the head and finds his whole life turned upside down. Homeless, he ends up being taken in by a group of eccentrics, and starts to plot with them to take down the source of all his woes: the weapons manufacturers responsible for the bullets that hit him and killed his father years before.

While this latest trailer is a bit on the goofy side and possibly even a little messy, one can’t deny the visual heart put into this as well as what appears to be some pretty fun “Jerry Lewis”-esque performances. If this ever makes it anywhere near my neck of the woods (which is likely to be a long time from now) I can guarantee my butt will be comfortably warming one of the theater seats.

See the trailer below the seats…



  1. This looks great and I'd expect nothing less. He's always been one of my favorites. The City of Lost Children, Delicatessen, Amélie, A Very Long Engagement – all 9 or 10s from me. Alien: Resurrection, of course, was a disaster, but that wasn't entirely his fault and it was at least pretty to look at.

    It's a shame that Marc Caro hasn't had much success after splitting from their duo.

  2. You and you Alien: Resurrection praise. Maybe if the script wasn't so goddamn awful. I mean, Ripley and the basketball… my god…!

    I did enjoy it quite a bit when it first came out though. Granted, I was eleven years old then.

  3. We had this conversation at length in the Movie Club podcast, but it is the 'comic-book-ification' that makes Alien4 such a pile of doggie do-do.

    Micmacs is fun and light and fluffy, but it feels like just putting out a greatest hits CD instead of a new album. This thing is little more than a collection of sketches. Think one of the pranks in Amelie stretched out to feature length. Distracting and amusing, but barely a snack and a far cry from a meal. (How many more metaphors can I squeeze into this paragraph?)

  4. He now makes hollywood (vintage hollywood) movies in France, well, at least A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT is a modern take on old-school hollywood.

  5. I loved "Micmacs". It may be somewhat of a greatest hits collection Kurt, but that just means there's no duff tracks…Granted, there isn't the same kind of strong characters that you feel for as in "Amelie" or even "Delicatessen", but I had so much fun through all the extraordinary Rube Goldbergian devices and beautiful machines that I didn't have a single problem with that. His other works may be stronger complete films, but you'd be hard pressed to find something more entertaining.

    The trailer is a bit messy – someone when a bit kooky with the edits.

  6. "It may be somewhat of a greatest hits collection Kurt, but that just means there’s no duff tracks…"

    touche! I actually agree with that, I enjoyed Micmac's a whole helluvalot while watching it, even if it is about the safest possible movie that Jeunet could have made. I would like to see him to push the epic romance angle that he started with A Very Long Engagement, instead of the pleasant doodling on hand here. If this lets Jeunet re-charge his batteries while entertaining us in the process, yea, I can live with that.

  7. Went to see MICMAC preview yesterday and it blew an old persons socks off. Wow, I laughed OUT LOUD in many places, probably looked like a lunatic that had come off the streets to keep warm. It is better than other Jeunet films, bit like an animation in plot but cinematography is dazzling, satire is genuinely hysterical. I love it!!


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