Cinecast Episode 145 – Animalistic Nature

Episode 145:

Fantastic Mr. Fox opens this weeks show on a fantastic note and is followed up quickly by a fantastically epic episode. An Education gets a lengthy (fantastic) mention as well as Cormac McCarthy’s fantastic novel adaptation, The Road – which finally got a slightly wider release last week. Not such a fantastic week in the DVD department but that is more than made up for with fantastic discussions on the fantastic Noah Baumbach, Coppola Siblings, James Cameron and introducing kids to the fantastic Star Wars trilogy. Thanks so much for checking out this fantastic show and feel free to leave your thoughts (let them be fantastic!) in the comment section below. As snobby as we may sound, we love to hear discussion and/or disagreement from any of our fantastic regular or fist time listeners.

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Intros/Opening: :00
Fantastic Mr. Fox (SPOILERS!): 2:22
An Education (SPOILERS!): 54:42
The Road (SPOILERS!): 1:22:06
DVD picks: 1:40:07
Upcoming films/James Cameron/Star Wars tangent: 1:49:16
Closing thoughts: 2:21:09
Outro music: 2:21:11

Fantastic Mr. Fox (Kurt’s review)
The Virgin Suicides
Lost in Translation
Marie Antoinette
Clash of the Titans
The Squid and the Whale
Margot at the Wedding

An Education (R3 review)
Nick Hornby (writer)
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself

The Road (Kurt’s review)
– Last Ride (Andrew’s review)

Flame & Citron

Snatch and Lock, Stock…




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the "tsk tsk Kurt' thing this week is not pronunciation, its that he always calls it "Fantastic Fox"

Kurt Halfyard

And to think, the publicist kept giving me crap for adding a "THE" to the title, so I started taking out words…

Shannon the Movie Mo

I agree that the end of the year doesn't feel as landblasted with awards bait this year, but I did see a fair amount at festivals. Feels like a bit of a weird year this year. Guess we'll get a better sense once the Globes are announced.


Nice show, fellers. I really enjoyed Fantastic Mr. Fox as well. Truthfully, I was beginning to grow weary of Wes Anderson movies. I didn't hate The Darjeeling Limited, but the narcissistic characters, covert ethnocentrism, and patented Wes Anderson style kind of rubbed me the wrong way. However, I thought his aesthetic worked like gangbusters in Mr. Fox. I reveled in the composition of each frame, the crazy amount of detail like you guys mentioned. Loved all the Wes Anderson fast pans, the majority all at straight angles, and side scrolling shots, which lent the movie such a retro/quaint/classic feel that simultaneously felt fresh amongst the glut of CGI features being released. The score kicked ass also, and I dug the scaled-back soundtrack choices.

Haven't seen The Road yet (probably will this week), but from your discussion I'm tempted to skip the flick and just pick up the book. For some reason I haven't been too excited to see The Road, and I'm all about post-apocalyptic stories. The kid in the trailer seems too blonde or too precious or something.


dan don't go by the trailer, it is hogwash and not representative of the film.

But yea, if you want to take a walk down THE ROAD, the book is recommended, although the film may play better if you've not read the book, which is indeed one of the best of the decade (at least out of the books I've read lately..)