Mamo #155: She said, he said


Pretend we didn’t just do a show where we spent the first ten minutes slagging girl-centric crap like Twilight and New Moon and then proceeded to geek out about boy candy like Avatar, Thor, and the Star Trek DVD. Let’s all pretend we didn’t do that.

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I missed this show.

Good point about the Twilight "using your boyfriend to make up for the personality you don't have"

Sameer Vasta

Glad to have you guys back. Curious though: I know Twilight skews female, but is it not strange that over 80% of box office sales for Twilight was female? Is that a normal number? Do "boy" movies skew that high when it comes to breaking down ticket sales by gender?


Like, say, Punisher: War Zone. :)"

how about manboy film "I Hope they serve beer in hell"

The only reason a girl would see it is as part of a date rape prevention class.


I am flabbergasted that They Serve Beer in Hell gets a semi-wide release while so much other stuff languishes. This is not a case of studio making junk product, this is an indie film…..ouch.

Matt Price

Pricks need movies to see as much as the rest of us.

Matthew Fabb

Part of what's blown people away about the huge success of New Moon, is that a movie that caters to such a female crowd can be successful, rather than having to hit the so called four quadrants. This might have a bigger lasting effect on more female oriented movies rather just more vampire romance movies. This trend has already been happening with movies like Sex and the City, but nothing on the size of New Moon before.

By the way, Ray B. Browne is the professor who defined the word "popular culture" and died on October 22, 2009.

So far, I'm happy to say that I've yet to see ANY footage of Avatar. I've seen pictures of the aliens, since some of the production art and resulting toys and that's it. This has been especially hard for me to avoid since FOX has released an Avatar AIR application, because as a Flash developer, that's normally the type of thing I'm all over to see what people are doing with the technology. This application apparently has an "interactive trailer", which I'm really curious what they mean by that and if it's something cool or just marketing speak. From the brief description of the Avatar application, it almost sounds like a bunch of DVD extras but used as promotional material before the movie has come out.

Speaking of which, while Coraline's DVD extras doesn't compare to the depth of Lord of the Rings, but I have found the extras for that movie the best I've seen in a very long time. I imagine part of it, is that I personally find it so incredibly fascinating a process how the movie was created. From how the little clothes were actually knitted by someone using miniature knitting needles, to how the bottom of the characters faces were all printed via a 3D printer, it's really amazing. Also stop-go-animation is not exactly a growing field so the people who work in that industry, tend to really do it out of love for the craft and I think it really comes through when these people are talking about it on the DVD extras.