“Gone with the Wind” BluRay Review

Courtesy of Hollywood Elsewhere we get this quick overview of the rather extensive Blu-Ray release of Gone with the Wind. This paragraph sums it up nicely, but I like the idea of opening the package for the first time to see what is all included in this box set. This looks like the Blade Runner brief case for classic drama fans.


“I’ve just watched the first half of the new Gone With The Wind Bluray, and I’m truly dazzled. No, levitated. This is by far the most beautifully rendered old-time Technicolor film I’ve ever seen on a high-def system — razor-sharp, pulsing with color, pretty close to grain-free and significantly upgraded over the 2004 DVD version, which was excellent for what it was … I do know what my eyes tell me. This Gone With The Wind is amazing — a candy-store Technicolor eye-bath like nothing I’ve ever sunk into before. The key element is ‘next to no grain.’ I haven’t come up with a term that conveys the opposite of a ‘grainstorm’ but this delivers that. Hallelujah — somebody finally heard!”



Andrew James
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