First Movie Shot on Canon 7D

Yes, more frakking zombies. I love the sub-genre, but enough is enough. The point of this post isn’t about zombies though; or even this particular movie. What is significant here is the look of this “film” shot on a $1700 camera. Almost anyone can now make a movie that looks good – or at least they can afford to make one.

The camera quality is sort of a mixed bag for the bloody independent film. High resolution coupled with gorgeous depth of field tricks emulate Hollywood (or at least, TV-level) production. But, while you can call me old fashioned, blood and guts only look better in low-fi. Best of luck to the group finishing the film. These dailies from week one have some nice moments.

Andrew James
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  1. Really Gr8, But can you tell me that the film shooted with 7d can be release theatrically on a 35mm projector or not. I am also instrested in making a feature length movie and want to shot it using xlh1/z7/7d. can anyone help me out!

  2. thanx!

    but I have some more hasitations, while shooting my first documentary, I found on net that a hv** is also good enough with a 35mm adapter and a computer, for low budget movie. If it is so, than any one help me regarding this kit. also I want to make a 35mm dof adapter for myself can anyone suggest the lens and other things. the movie has many action and to sports(football) shots. once again thanks a lot for help.


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