Flyway Dispatch 7 – “Ink” Interview with Jamin Winans and Chris Kelly

Oops! Perhaps a bit fortuitous that I completely forgot/overlooked posting this interview that Matt and I recorded almost a month ago at the Flyway Film Festival with writer/director Jamin Winans and star Chris Kelly of Ink (written review, podcast review). Reason being that Ink is available on DVD today (which was my DVD pick of the week on the latest Cinecast).

So the delay in posting this interview with two super nice guys and fantastic guests was actually all a part of the marketing ploy the producers and I worked out (not really, but let’s pretend okay?). Enjoy the interview and please continue to support independent sci-fi fantasy starting with Ink.


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Official site
Full RowThree Flyway Film Fest Coverage


  1. It's also available on Netflix Instant Watch as of this morning:…. I might have to check it out. Is it scary?

    • No, not scary exactly. Just awesome. Great fight choreography and character design. Interesting concept. It would definitely be scary for kids and the Incubus are semi-creepy I guess, but basically it's just a good story.

      Not without flaws, but still very good.

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