XKCD Charts Character Interactions in Massive Detail

Marina just gave us a subway map of great films, which reminded me of a recent XKCD comic. XKCD pretty much never fails to amuse me with its geeky humor, but they rarely have a specifically film-related strip. But this one’s a doozy, even including details that only occurred in the Star Wars Special Edition, for example – you’ll definitely want to view it large to see the whole thing. And the inclusion of 12 Angry Men and Primer are the icing on the cake.

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Gotta Love PRIMER down in the corner there. (of course the real PRIMER chart is here: http://neuwanstein.fw.hu/primer_timeline.html

Bob Turnbull

Yeah, I loved this strip too. Was trying to think of other films that might make fun graphs:

– Slacker (like a stairway up)

– Nashville or Short Cuts (lots of intersections)

– The Prestige (abrupt ends to several timelines)

– Memento (??)

– Secret Honor (single flat line)

– zombie movies (lines end then start again later)

Many more…

Kurt, that real Primer timeline is insane. Especially because someone actually created it.

Kurt Halfyard

My Dinner with Andrew for sure.

Or heh, The Room.

Kurt Halfyard

Even Better -> Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail