Steve Martin is Back to Hosting the Oscars… with Tag Team Partner Alec Baldwin!

News out of Variety a few moments ago is that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have accepted the honor of hosting the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Martin has hosted a couple of times before and this will be a first time role for Baldwin. I think the choice to revert to someone tried, true and trusted and stick him with the new guys who is on fire as of late in terms of comedy is a great choice. Hugh Jackman was fine last year – quite great actually – but I think these two together are going to be make for an infinitely more entertaining show than anything from the past several years.


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Kurt Halfyard

I'd love to see what Baldwin is capable of as an Oscar host. Would he be Smarmy or Deadpan or both? Really though, Jackman was probably the best all-around choice for Oscar, a little class, a little blockbuster, and a variety of talent. Although for pure star power, I think George Clooney would be the ultimate choice if he were ever willing to do it.

I'd like some more off the wall choices:

Rupert Everet

Martin Scorcese

Quentin Tarantino

Anne Hathaway

Jane Lynch

Phil Hartman's Ghost.


I'm still a little disappointed that Jackman isn't coming back, but I respect his decision to focus on his Broadway show instead. Can't wait to see it in December! I'm sure he'll be asked back again in the future.

I'm not a fan of Baldwin, but I'm excited to see Steve Martin. Last time he did it, I was too young to appreciate it. I currently have his autobiography on my coffee table. Haven't started it yet, but it was highly recommended to me.


I think this is a great combo to host the Oscars together, unfortunately I haven't watched an Awards show in at least 5 years.


Baldwin is hotter than ever right now though and he's won awards left and right for 30 Rock (a show which I admittedly have never watched an entire episode of, despite the insistence of my friends). They have the old-school host and a guy at a hot point in his career. Makes sense, I suppose.

I'm glad Robert Downey Jr. turned down the offer though. As enjoyable as it probably would have been, he is smart enough not to fall prey to overexposure.


Steve Martin has been the best host I have seen, and was consistently a highlight throughout the years with appearances when he was not hosting. It's about time they got him back. Don't care at all about the actors who host the show, they're too worried about their careers and saving face to take any chances, and sometimes it just outright embarrasing (Jackman singing about how he is Wolverine).

nancy @ princetoncry

Bad idea. They should have gone with either Hugh Jackman or Neil Patrick Harris. Either would be stupendous. Jackman did a bang-up job last year (best Oscar telecast since the last time Billy Cristal hosted) – and NPH has proven himself by hosting both the Tony’s and the Emmy’s flawlessly. While I like Steve Martin (and Alec Baldwin) – neither would be my first choice to host a softball game – let alone the Academy Awards.


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I´ll skip the Oscars this year. I watched it last year only because Hugh Jackman hosted. When I watched the one hosted by Ellen, it was like pulling the teeth. Jackman was classy, charming, old-hollywood stylish. It´s too bad he is too busy and I understand his decision (which is pretty smart actually). He was still one of the best hosts – what other host, except Billy Crystal, earned standing ovations from their peers? Anyway, I might try to catch this year Oscars in some other time later, but these two won´t make me to stay awake til deep night to watch it.

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Love Steve Martin. This should be good!


I propose a R3 challenge: since there'll be 10 noms this year, before the Globes' even give their noms, we should all throw down and pick the 10 movies, which will also rely on speculation of upcoming releases that look like Oscar bait.

So we should throw down and maybe make a master list of things to choose from, which would include outsider choices that are maybe there to pander to a mainstream audience, ie Star Trek


That's a good idea, Goon. Perhaps even a DVD or something to the person that guesses the most out of the ten nominees. Great idea.

Jandy Hardesty

It would be a fun challenge. I'm hoping the ten nominations will encourage the Academy to look beyond the typical Oscar-bait into both more obscure (indie/foreign) and mainstream (blockbusters) possibilities. It'll be interesting to see how the scales tip.

We could do Animated Feature as a bonus, since there will be five noms there instead of three this year; could also add in a couple of off-the-wall picks.

When do Globe nominations come out?


Globe noms are December 15


okay I'm going to start listing a number of movies that have even an outside chance of being nominated, currently have buzz or are typical Oscar bait, etc. I'll even throw in some well reviewed movies with little to no chance so you have to do a bit of research 🙂

especially consider that this 10 nominations thing may be a chance to pander to the masses. Please anyone after me start adding movies to the list:

A Serious Man

An Education



District 9

Star Trek

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Lovely Bones


All Good Things (or is that getting pushed back?)

Broken Embraces

The Road


Princess and the Frog





The Hurt Locker

The Informant

Inglourious Basterds

It's Complicated

Up In The Air

The Young Victoria

Damned United

Bright Star

Crazy Heart

The White Ribbon

The Maid

In the Loop

35 Shots of Rum

Mary and Max



Rusty James



away we go


Can you imagine Antichrist getting nominated? It would be amazing to see Lars Von Trier give a speech at the oscars, though I wonder if he would make the trip.


The man is afraid to fly. He may try it via skype though 😉 that seemed to be a popular thing for Trier to do at festivals while showing AntiChrist.

Rusty James

he could travel by sea.


I'm guessing that UP IN THE AIR will be the easy winner in 2009 for best picture. I imagine that Precious, A Serious Man, An Education and Away We Go will get nods.

Crazy Heart and Invictus are wildcards at the moment, but neither would surprise me.


The Hurt Locker, NINE, and very likely Inglourious Basterds will get the nom with the new 10 noms policy.

In The Loop, The Informant and Moon are more likely going to end up as Original Screenplay nods


If An Education and Antichrist are BOTH nominated, we would have 2 danish directors nominated for a major category… People would go crazy. CRAZY!


I think Trier fears travel in generel, and I suppose flying in particular. At least that's what he claims.