Rank ’em: Bill Murray


We haven’t done a Rank ’em in ages, so I figure before the insanity of awards season starts, we better sneak another one in. Very few people shaped my humor as a child as much as Bill Murray did (to this day, Ghostbusters is probably the movie that makes me laugh more consistently than any other) and really, he’s the type of guy that most guys would like to be. I’m really looking forward to his upcoming Get Low), which will be another dramatic turn for the man, perhaps chasing another chance at an Oscar. Rank ’em any way you’d like: the quality of the movie itself, his performances, whatever pleases you. For me, I’m ranking the movies by how much enjoyment I get out of watching them.

10. Where the Buffalo Roam
9. What About Bob?
8. Lost in Translation
7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
6. Caddyshack
5. The Royal Tenenbaums
4. Rushmore
3. Ed Wood
2. Groundhog Day
1. Ghostbusters

What about yourselves?

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Dain Binder

Great list! I would be hard pressed to rank them; but, some additional ones that would make my list are Kingpin and his voice work in Garfield.

Kurt Halfyard

Holy Sweet Mother of God. No love for QUICK CHANGE? That is one of my favourite Bill Murray Performances, although I certainly concur on GHOSTBUSTERS being at the top of that list for pure Murray-Ness. He is way better in Rushmore than Royal Tenenbaums. and I'd push his Ed Wood performances (sort of a phoned in one there) down the list.

Scrooged would be near the top as well for me.

And be prepared to add GET LOW to the list after everyone gets a chance to see the classic -and awesomely fresh- Bill Murray supporting performance in that one.


10. Ghostbusters II

9. What About Bob?

8. The Royal Tenebaums

7. Stripes

6. Lost in Translation

5. Kingpin

4. The Life Aquatic

3. Groundhog Day

2. Caddyshack

1. Ghostbusters

I thought about putting Charlie's Angels on there just to see if anyone would notice, but I didn't want people to potentially think I was serious, so I thought better of it.


Ooh, I love/hate these lists. Love them because they're a great way to highlight the best of a particular artist's career, and hate because they more often than remind me of how many movies I haven't seen, lol.

Definitely need to catch up on the works of Bill Murray, I thought I'd seen a lot of his stuff, but looking at his IMDb entry, I've missed quite a bit too. Of the stuff I have seen:

1. Lost in Translation

2. Groundhog Day

3. Broken Flowers

4. Tootsie

5. What About Bob?

Not a Wes Anderson fan at all, so I'm not going to rank those even though I've seen nearly all of them. Somehow. Even though I realized early on how much I didn't like his style. Hmmm …

I've definitely seen more, but not recently enough to rank them. Gotta check out Ed Wood again, haven't seen that one since film school, and my tastes have changed radically since then. I've seen Caddyshack twice, and I respect it for it's quotability, but I just can't get into it. It's such a "guy" movie. And though I'm embarrassed to admit it, I haven't seen Ghostbusters since I was five. :S

Can we do Steve Martin next? I'm planning on catching up on him with the recent Oscar hosting announcement and I'm just about to start reading his bio…