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Chaos Reigns! I caught Antichrist [Kurt’s Review] at the only screen it is publicly playing in New York, The IFC Center on 6th ave. The midnight screening that had shown the night before was a complete sell out and the matinee films for the following day were quickly filling up. Notices were posted up around the box office, on the theater’s exterior as well as inside our waiting room for warning of the extreme gore and violence, alongside it was a “wimp’s guide to surviving Von Trier’s ‘Antichrist.'” The steps were simple, the 63 minute mark and the 85 minute mark are your cues to leave- included were film stills and lines of dialog for scenes that you should watch for to begin packing your bags in order to make it to the exit in time.

Did they post this at everyone’s theater?

As we filed into the 50-something-seat theater, and the rustling of bags and umbrellas let up, I caught a number of wrist watch alarms and cell phone alarms being set- people selecting their ring tone and vibrating patterns for their big escape. Sure enough, on my return from the bathroom at the 55-minute mark, it was only a scene or two before the high-pitched beeping and hum of pocket-alarms broke everyone’s focus. We lost three older ladies and a young guy, not to mention the woman who left immediately after the death of the child.

To say the least, I was dazzled by the film. The movie expresses the basic fears of all women: loss of child, difficulty to deal with pleasure, loss or abandonment from partner, inhibition/exhibition and overall a stunning study of this woman (Gainsbourg)’s decent into Hysteria. However…Horror flick? I don’t think so.

Antichrist/Amelia Box Office Review:

“Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist” finally got a chance to disturb the American moviegoing audience this weekend, and while it managed consistent sell-outs in New York City (where it had taken in a fantastic $26,000 from one screen by Saturday night), its overall six-market debut fell somewhat below expectations. According to estimates provided by Rentrak today, the IFC Films release – starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg as a disturbed couple (to put it mildly) working out some issues at a cabin in the woods – grossed $73,500 from its six screens, averaging $12,500. For a challenging and foreign-made film that’s certainly not for everyone, that’s not a bad number. However, ever since its Cannes debut this past May, the film has been the source of considerable debate and discussion, and one might have figured there would be more curiosity in its U.S. theatrical release”

Across the board, Paranormal Activity sweeps this weekend’s big ticket sales. This weekend alone raking in $21,104,070

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Kurt Halfyard

Wait, the IFC Center is only 50 something seats? That seems awful small!

Matt Gamble

The movie expresses the basic fears of all women:

However…Horror flick? I don’t think so.

I'm still trying to figure out how both of these statements could be true.

If anyone thinks $12.5 is a bad per screen then they badly overestimated Von Trier's box office pull.


Matt, for the record…

Fizz = Good

Fizzle = Bad.

Andrew James

I DO think it is definitely a horror film, but you're right Laura; it's psychological horror. Yeah there're a couple of splattery moments but for the most part this movie hinges on its ability to give the audience some psychological trauma – mostly stemming from Gainsbourg's awesome performance, but also fantastic visual and aural cues. Those fucking acorns still haunt my nightly senses!


is this coming out in Toronto? I've regained what little courage I got.